Love & Loss ~ the Tragedy & Miracles of Life

A tribute to Robin Williams

By Carolyn M. Greenleaf


We all have a tendency to take things and the people in our lives for granted, until we lose them. One such treasure is Robin Williams. This incredible man touched so many lives with his brilliance and generosity. Even if you did not know him, he was part of your life as he graced the screen in numerous films, tributes, TV shows and service to others. This man had a huge Spirit and enormous presence.

I did not know him but, Robin Williams touched my heart so deeply that he became part of my life. Year after year, this man would warm my heart, made me laugh and helped me see the humor within my daily life and the beauty of the human spirit. Robin Williams will be greatly missed. Yet he will remain with me as I continue to feel gratitude for the lessons he taught, and gifts he gave each one of us.

Losing Touch with your Life Force

Robin Williams in the When Grown Men Cry collection by Sam Taylor-Wood

Whenever you need help, ask for it – you are loved and needed. You are an important part of something much bigger than you realize. Creation cannot shine so vibrantly or function so brilliantly without you.

We need each other. To continue to thrive – we must be part of something bigger in our physical lives, because we are. We are vital elements of the Oneness. When we recognize the wonderful qualities of others, we feel our unity with life and the whole of creation. We are Family. It is up to us to turn to someone whom we need or who needs us.

Life is wonderful, but also very challenging. As we run down the exciting path of life, we also stumble and fall…a lot – it is part of the human experience. As such, we should never feel shame if we need something from another, even if it is to be heard, held or loved.

If your loved one or friend suffers from depression, remind them of their wonderful qualities and help them discover how amazing they really are. Fully appreciate them, remind them, engage with them, and love them no matter what.

Natures Embrace



During your own times of difficulty, reach out for the nourishment that surrounds you. The beauty of nature is your constant friend and reminder of how wonderful and exciting life is, and can be, if you let it. Witness the rejuvenation and wonders of nature, while you open yourself to the nourishing smells, feel, sights, and expanse of what we are part – nature.

The forest is one of my main places of nourishment; where I can open my heart and mind to allow the living spirit of nature to sort things out and rearrange my perception and attitude. Nature also reminds me of the abundant possibilities within myself and others. This is also where my moments of sadness are transformed into joyous stepping stones into my future. This transformation can only happen because I choose it.

Sadness that leads us into the deep and seductive hole of depression is very difficult resist, but we must not allow it to take us. We must do all we can to shift our thoughts and emotions toward the rewards and fulfillment life has to give us. We must reconnect to our Life Force. The breath of life, the air we breathe is Creations vitality that moves through us – it is our Life Force, our connection to our greater family, the Oneness.

When I feel my Oneness through nature, amazing insights and teachings enter my heart and mind – this is where many of my teachings are born.

Positive interaction with nature and others helps remind you of your own vitality – it sparks remembrances and ignites your brilliance. There is a uniqueness about you that is irreplaceable. By your mere presence, you enhance the world – whether you realize it or not. In addition, you have an incredible amount of creative power within you, waiting for you to use it.

In Closing

If you or someone you know seems to suffer from depression, seek help. Each community has resources that can help guide, educate and assist you along this path. Also, have faith that the sun will rise again in your life, yet it will shine more brilliantly each time you overcome the obstacles in your path.

Even though Mr. Williams will be greatly missed, he lives on ~ forever

Nano, Nano

Carolyn M. Greenleaf