Magic is in the Air… March/April 2013

By Fresh Minds Matter - fb

No one could ever tread on her dreams, because the magic lay within her heart and soul. ~Fresh Minds Matter

 Greenleaf Happenings ~ March – April 2013

 Happy Spring!!!!! This is an exciting and energizing time of year as we witness new life spring forth before our very eyes. Nature reminds us that many of our desired outcomes must go through several stages before these manifestations arrive in our lives. Our greatest outcomes are achieved when we honor the wisdom we gained from our past experiences, surrendering what no longer serves us, then embracing periods of introspection and revision, as we have faith throughout the gestation process and nourish our dreams with love. Experiencing our dreams manifest their blossoms in our lives will always be one of the most exhilarating and joyous moments that last forever within our hearts.  Like a child opening their eyes to a new world, we feel blessed and touched by the power and bounty we share with every aspect of Creation.

How many of you experienced some dark days during February and March? Whether on the emotional or physical level, we are still experiencing periods of intense transformation as we continue to release residuals of our old reality while also feeling the labor pains of new birth upon us. The intensity of the Universes energetic bombardments is felt by all, as we are continually pushed to release our hold on what no longer benefits us. But during these moments, days or weeks of erupting emotions we have the opportunity to shift our focus to the joyous birth on the other side of the wall that is crumbling down.  We are now in a space where we can witness some wonderful and magical experiences enter our lives, as this will be our new norm. Our magical powers have returned along with our wisdom and ability to use them. What was once banned is now upon us.  Our gifts and ability to conger wondrous and new creations is in our hands. Our powers will continue to increase in accordance with our alliance and alignment to the Oneness of our Divine Inheritance.

New Website!

How do you like it? I’ve decided to recreate my website by uniting Greenleaf Healing and blog site into one. Please explore all the goodies offered here! Don’t overlook the “Products” tab on the menu ~ new offerings are coming online. . .

Affirmational Charms are finally ready!!!

These charms have been absorbing the glorious sunshine of the spring vernal equinox and just received an energetic & divine blessing! These Charms will help you in regards to your commitment for: Wholeness, Transformation & Family Healing. Each have an affirmation printed on large postcard size cardstock. The Family Healing’s Charm will also include a special prayer. Creating these Charms as been an act of joy!  I will always hold each of these creations within my grateful heart.

These sparkling beauties become alive as you appreciate their unseen qualities and hold them with respect and love. Each crystal and gem contains their own individual healing properties; they will also impart Universal Secrets to all who connect with pure hearts and respectful minds.

If you would like to know more about each of these Charms, click this link.

Heart Wisdoms; Daily Inspirational Quotes eBook!

This eBook by Carolyn Greenleaf is now available through this site! This book is a PDF Download.

The intention of Heart Wisdoms is to instill a broader perspective toward our daily lives where resolution can take place in a respectful and practical way. These 365 quotes are meant to inspire others, to see the greater possibilities life can hold and to encourage each reader to discover their own hearts wisdoms. For more information, click this link.

Coming soon…

Mini eBooks will soon be available, as well as Journey & Meditational CD’s! So keep on the look out!


Listening to your Body Wisdom

April 24, 2013 ~ Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm CST in Cary IL

Get in touch with who you are. Focused attention to what your body is conveying, brings conscious awareness to who you are and the knowledge you hold within.   You will be guided through a variety of exercises that will help you access the knowledge your body holds. For more information, click this link.

In closing,

Pay attention to the excitement emerging within yourselves and the magical moments trickling into your life. As your awareness and recognition grows, these astonishing happenings will increase. Trust in the Universe and belief in your power to manifest your desires opens the door for this to become your new norm.

Abundant Blessings!

Carolyn M Greenleaf

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