March 2014 – Greenleaf Happenings ~ Budding Changes

sunflower-2542_640Pixabay - CopyAs we approach the beginning & end of seasons, we are reminded of the necessary changes we all face. Stagnation is foreign to our innermost being; we are designed to grow.

Isn’t it interesting that often times, fear rises after we choose something new? When we focus upon a new and exciting direction for our lives, we often contend with an uncomfortable sensation that seeps into our plans – fear. Even though we love the idea of something new, we also fear change. Change shifts our world, forcing us out of our familiar and seemingly “safe places.”

Identify with Natures Wisdom.

This is a wonderful time of year to identify with the changes of nature. Nature is not only part of who we are, but is a wondrous teacher of our own reality.

What we witness as endings, nature uses to nurture new growth. Nature wastes nothing. Likened to our own experiences, nothing is truly wasted; the past is meant to nurture our growth. Everything we have encountered provided knowledge, wisdom, compassion, understanding and more possibilities for our future.

Your life is as precious as you are. It is you who must recognize this fact.

A seed must die for new growth to ensue. The very beginnings of you were created from the sperm and egg of your parents – they began your physical existence, a part of them became you.

So, we must ask ourselves this question: do seeds truly die or do they continue as improved versions?

The focus within nature is not upon loss, nature proceeds into new forms. Loss and birth are united. The past brings the future into being.  In fact there is no loss, only change – growth.

We are meant to release the emotional hold we have toward our history. We must free ourselves so the wisdom of our past can enhance our future. We do not waste, we recycle by allowing the past to break down – separating what is no longer needed from the riches of our experience. Our emotional tension, grudges, judgments and pain prevent our forward movement and growth. Forgive, let go and be grateful.

As I have written about before, there was a fire in the town-home in which I share a wall. The owner of the burned unit could be labeled a hoarder. Among other things, this home was packed with garbage bags that flowed into the garage. This person did not take responsibility for themselves or property, inside and out. The fire represents the occupants’ stagnation in a situation that evenly exploded and spilled onto her neighbors. Top it off; there have been delays in the demo and reconstruction process because she failed to insure what she already had.

This is a symbolic example of what happens when you refuse to release the past. A build up of emotional toxins creates an explosion in our lives.  This explosion is called illness, loss, betrayal, sadness, etc.

Spring Forward

This powerful time of year is magnified by the changing of our clocks. Capture the momentum as we set our clocks ahead on March 9th.  When we add this date together (3/9/2014) the sum equals 19, which in numerology is reduced to 10. The number 10 symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle. We could see this as “our sense of time is evolving into something new.” This also reinforces the spring equinox. Nature is moving forward with new buds, babies and possibilities.

Think about what you would like to begin or move forward in your life. Utilize the accelerated energies we are entering by saying – YES! Drop the old chains to the past, spread your wings and take that leap of faith. You are capable of great things – it’s why you are here…isn’t it?

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf