May 2014 Greenleaf Happenings ~ Generating Blossoms

5-12-14 014The month of May always reflects new beginnings, changes, and revelations that have been working in the background for some time. This is my favorite time of year, because it reminds me of the transformation and renewal our lives represent.

Nature will always reflect the transformation you are experiencing. Whether you are feeling new buds in your life, the harvest, or the end of what was, each of these stages of transformation represent the power of Creation within you.

The magic of the seasons have unique messages that speak directly to our hearts. In my region, the springtime blossoms beckon the surrounding sweetness of our lives and await our notice. Take some time to be in the moment. Too often, the days of our lives pass without our full attention to the gifts we already have. The fullness we seek is already here. The joy we have asked for has always been within our grasp.

To realize the dreams within our heart, we must practice patience and surrender, while we let go of the past, prepare for new opportunities and cultivate the courage to step into what we have yet to know.

This has been the path I’ve been walking since December of last year. As many of you know, the town-home in which I share a wall, burned. This created a very long and frustrating process of letting go – much of the situation has been out of my control. This has been a time of patience and trust in the workings of something larger and greater than what I have been able to imagine. This time of surrender has been greatly assisted the CD I’ve been preparing. The peace, happiness and balance I needed were within the creation of “Re-Entering Eden Companion CD.” I encourage each of you to embrace the exercises, meditations and journeys that will assist you along the currents of your transforming lives.

Re-Entering Eden Companion CD is finally ready!

Eden CD Cover (4-24-14)

This special CD has been in the works for several months, and now I am happy to announce…it’s ready!!!

This companion CD is a blend of exercises, guided journeys and meditations to enhance the teachings of the book “Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth,” while providing assistance along your journey toward wholeness as you come home to your truth.

The guided meditations and exercises are designed to help you focus upon the intended area or aspect of self in need of healing. The journeys are based on shamanic practices, and are designed to bridge the gap between your ordinary and non-ordinary realities where expansive knowledge is found. Each Journey is an inward rather than outward experience, to ensure safety, connectivity, plus accurate direction and knowledge. Most journeys have an introduction track to briefly explain and prepare you. This also gives you the option of entering these journeys with or without each introduction.

This is double disk CD totals 132:68 minutes. For a list of the tracks or to listen to the introductory tracks, please click this link.

The cost of each double disk CD is $19.99. However, if you purchase a Re-Entering Eden book along with the CD, you will receive $5.00 off the price of the CD.

For those of you who have already purchased the book “Re-Entering Eden,” through Greenleaf Healing, you may purchase this CD for $14.99 with free shipping. Please email Carolyn if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

In Closing…

When you embrace the magic within each moment, your life becomes a joyous adventure. There is so much potential waiting to be explored, all it takes is a bit of courage and faith in…yourself.

Abundant Blessings,
Carolyn M. Greenleaf