May 2016 – Greenleaf Happenings ~ Surrendering to Unseen Blossoms


The month of May will be a time of growth and movement on all fronts. Things you thought were lost will suddenly show up for some of you. However, some things you thought were sure to be, will not. Much of this guessing game is due to the five planets retrograding all at the same time. This is a time of reshaping your paths, foundations and choices – it is a time to get real with what your heart and Soul has in store for you. Where you were playing small, you will be ousted in exchange for the bigger stage that is in alignment with your power and greater abilities.

No matter which way the pendulum is swinging in your life – be it with or against your path and choices, be conscious. For yourself and others, anything that is not moving you toward the beat of your Soul will be up for review. The best way to move through these trying times is to flow with them and let them flow through you. Release your resistance toward what must surface, what must end and what must begin. There is some wonderful information in Dana Mrkich’s article “Five planets retrograde – time to clean house and power up.”

Bloomin’ Doorways

For those of you who are experiencing spring – this is a time of beginnings. It is equally important that you notice the blossoms in your life as well as your ideas in need of blooming. The ideals in which create new and better pathways for yourself and others will be vying for your notice. Pay attention, which is what the retrograding planets will force you to do. Willing participants will move through much quicker than those who refuse to give up the ghost and change.

Those experiencing autumn, you are in the harvesting stages as well as projecting what to seed during the winter months. You will need to examine your seeds. Are you preparing for the path you are destined to travel or are you creating another detour?

The Big Stage

This is also a 5 numeric month, indicating change. However, May plus 2016 (5+9) = 14/5. The one and the four unite within the five. In Ancient Cabala, it is Kether (unity and the gates of heaven) join with the Divine (True) Masculine in Chesed to create a union of Spirit and Soul with the Divine (True) Feminine in Gevurah.

This is regarding reaching further in your physical, human experience. It is about opening to what is now possible. The bigger stage in which you are destined for is opening for you. This is your new pathway that will bring you to the new and expanded heights your heart has always yearned for. You will do this not only for yourself, but for others who need you to provide this doorway so they too can move forward.

The Big Stage is an even larger entry than before, into our New Reality that is based upon the Oneness of which we are. We are moving into an experience of heart based unity and community.

There are new blossoms that are about to open in your life, but you will miss them if you do not release your restrictive views and energies of the past. These planets in retrograde are helping you to finally let go of your old limitations that have prevented you from seeing or experiencing new possibilities. The doorways that are about to open cannot be perceived with your mind yet, but your heart will recognize and rejoice.


Meditation Classes & Ascension Hour

I have consolidated the two classes I have been teaching at Greenleaf Healing. Thursday morning classes are now merged with the Wednesday evening class. These classes are continuing as usual, but they will only be offered on Wednesday evening’s beginning at 6 pm.

I am also teaching these classes every first and third Fridays at Options 4 Health in McHenry from 7 pm – 9 pm.

Tuesday Classes

I am taking a little hiatus from teaching monthly Tuesday classes over the summer so I can work on my new book, “The Art of Transformation.”

New Product!

Essiac Tea is now available! I began using Essiac Tea several years ago through a friend who was packaging and selling it. This tea made such a difference for me, as it balanced my digestive system and helped my body release toxins and come back into a healthy flow of energy.

During moments of change and transformation in our lives, our bodies become confused and can hold onto old energies that become toxic. This happens because our bodies are conditioned to hold onto the past, just as our mind does. This is ego programming, which is in a state of transformation. As we chose to let go of the past and move forward, we have to assist the body in doing the same.

I used this tea for approximately a year before my friend discontinued her business. Now that we are moving into such intense shifting in order to release the past, I thought it was time to start using the Essiac Tea again. I also felt that what I am doing to help myself, I would like to share with others. Hence, I began my own research and found the information, tools and products I needed to get this Tea for myself and others.

This is a gentle detoxer that has been documented to heal individuals of cancer. This is an extreme case of the effectiveness of this tea when taken in high doses, but it is also a gentle cleaner and balancer when taken daily in small doses. Only a ¼ cup per day will keep your body happy by maintain a healthy scenario where unimpeded energy flow is achieved.

I have packaged this Tea in large tea bags, measuring 1 oz (1/4 cup) of Essiac Tea. This amount of Tea will produce 1 quart of Essiac Tea that will last for 2 weeks when using a ¼ cup dosage per day. More Information about Essiac Tea

Each bag of Essiac Tea is $6.00 and is available at Greenleaf Healing in Cary. I can also mail this Tea, but will need to charge the postage fees.  If you would like to order this Tea, please contact me at

Name Readings Special!!!

I am offering Name Readings for $60.00 instead of $100.00 for an hour reading. This is only available through Greenleaf Healing via in person, phone or Skype. This is a limited time offer and expires May 21, 2016.

Name Readings are an intricate and deep look into the energy of who you are.  The Soul of each individual chose specific names that could ultimately reconnect them with their Divine Truth and Identity.  More information about Name Reads


I am also available to provide inspirational speeches or talks to groups interested in creating healthy changes from the inside out. Please contact me at if interested. More Information about Speaking

In Closing . . .

This is a time to embrace, not run. Surrender to the fires of transformation by releasing your fears of change and the implications your mind remembers from the past. The only way to experience the dreams your Soul has lined up for you is by trusting in what your Divine Heart knows. Have faith in your Soul and the Guides and Angels who are your support team: they bring to you what is needed in order to heal, resolve and move forward into your destined and Divine Reality.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf