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Meditation April 2015

Divine Rhythms ~ Meditations

There is a pulse, a sacred rhythm that permeates every aspect of your life. You often don’t notice this rhythm, yet it’s always present; waiting for you to take notice. This month’s meditations will focus upon these hidden rhythms so you may form a conscious connection to them and to the exquisite essence within the pulse of…Creation, Nature and Yourself.

April 1 ~ We will open the doorway to your own internal rhythms.

April 8 ~ We will explore your partnership within the rhythms of life.

April 15 ~ Connecting to the rhythms of Nature.

April 29 ~ Touching the rhythms of Creation/Cosmos.

**For new students entering ongoing classes, you will need to arrive a ½ hr early for an introduction (additional fee*). The cost is $12 for regular students, and $5* extra for beginners

 These classes are held at:  Evolve ~ 54 N. Williams St., Crystal Lake IL

7-8 pm Meditation Class $12

6:30 – 7 pm Beginners $5

*You must sign up for each class –

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