Meditation Classes

“To live an authentic life, one must first claim their authentic self. “

Healing Meditation Classes by Carolyn M. Greenleaf

This Meditation Program assists individuals with one of the most natural and easy forms of healing and connectivity. Carolyn teaches simple methods to train the mind or induce a mode of consciousness that promotes a state of peace, calm, relaxation, develop compassion, patience, concentration and insights.

These guided meditation classes are heart based and designed to reconnect students with their innermost self and their life, to recognize the beauty that has always existed. This assists individuals to notice life’s true wonders and discover a greater sense of joy.

Each class and meditation is divinely inspired and unique for the individuals that makeup each class. Carolyn also facilitates healing energies that supports the group and enhances the students’ ability to reach that special place within the heart.

The beginning of each class will involve techniques toward obtaining a heart based meditative state with a short meditation. The  class then moves toward deepening the meditation experience with longer and focused meditations. Sharing of meditation problems and experiences is encouraged as this helps all to grow in  myriad of ways.

Carolyn’s approach is both simplistic and easy to apply to daily life. The duration of these classes is 1 hour.  The format is informal and designed to fit comfortably into your life and busy schedule.

These meditations provide:

  • Guidance toward the student’s truest source, the Self
  • Grounding of dispersed energy
  • Connection to innermost truths
  • Reconnection to true feelings
  • Expanded ability to feel the Oneness with all aspects of life
  • Profound changes of attitude, thought and feelings
  • Relaxation, focus and balance

Benefits include:

  • Greater clarity, objectivity & perspective
  • Peace, happiness & fulfillment
  • Improved focus & new realizations
  • Increased creativity & flexibility
  • Rejuvenation & renewed sense of self
  • Less stress & increased sense of well-being
  • Increased patience & wiser choices
  • Increased capacity to love
  • Enhanced ability to forgive & release the past
  • Improved health issues, such as high blood pressure, depression & anxiety

Beginners 6 week Programs

These classes are tailored for the unique goals within each group of students. The 6 week programs include: Inward Focus, Centering, Balance, Awareness, Uniting with self, Surrender & Flow

Ongoing Meditation Classes

These ongoing classes provide students with continued support and deepening of their mediation practice.

As a Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic and Energetic Healer, Carolyn provides the appropriate guidance for each student as issues surface for resolution.

“The heart is the bridge between the spiritual and physical selves; as we bring our focus into this sacred space, we begin to  heal what has been separated. This opens the door for Soul embodiment as heaven and earth unites within the self.” ~Carolyn M. Greenleaf




Meditaion Intro.Meditation Introduction Class video explains what meditation is, how best to practice, what you may experience during your meditation, the benefits, how to maintain your focus, increase your awareness and how meditation can create balance in your life. This video also explains how you can recall the energy you have attached to others and dispersed in your life, thereby placing yourself in a position of balance and power. For more information, click this link: Meditation Introduction Class Video

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