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Oneness & Unity Consciousness

7-8-12 009 (3) - CopyFrom once we came to where we return…Oneness. Are you feeling it? Are you experiencing deep internal changes that feel like you’re on a roller coaster one moment, then unexplained peace the next? Many changes are happening on every level of our existence as balance is restored within the Creation of which we are. An internal reunion of our own Soul aspects, triggering an even larger global awakening is upon us.  An awakening, a realization that we are so much more than we once thought, and a growing sense of a shared connection that runs so very deep with all who share our lives.

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Karmic Clearing & Family Healing

Karmic Clearing & Family Healing

From beginning to beginning, end to end it is time to heal the past and open your heart and mind to the future now upon you. This is a time for healing, resolution, absolution and resolve for misguided ways and those of each family lineage.

This eBook explains the process our karmic cycles have taken, opening the door for healing and transformation to take place. This mini eBook assists the cultivation of deep compassion to release the old cycles, and includes various suggestions to assist this healing process.

(Revised Evolving Forward article with additional information provided.)

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Divine Unions

Divine Unions - EBook

“The drought within our hearts is seeking something surreal. Something very real, yet not fully experienced here; but we feel it – somewhere; unconditional love and acceptance, peace and balance, joy and exhilaration – a complete existence just beyond our reach.” 

This EBook includes information regarding your Divine Inheritance and the relationships born from this recognition and embrace of your eternal gift.  Also, Soul Mates, Twins and Flames are discussed as well as relationship dynamics and resolutions. This book entails all forms of relationships within your life’s connections with all who share your life’s path. (Revised Evolving Forward article with additional information provided.)

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