Monique Katrine Monino

Monique M.Monique knew she had a unique talent at the age of 7, when she began giving massages to her friends. Her passion later grew, along with her desire to help others heal.  Monique turned to many paths of holistic energy and enhanced her ability to assist others with her compassionate heart and wise Soul.

Monique has also been blessed with the ability to connect with Spirit; take her experience, knowledge, Soul’s wisdom, then simplify and explain this information in a way that others can understand. Her connection with Spirit includes her innate ability to tap into the natural world and the elements of nature. This relationship helps her to find solutions and create unique and helpful ways of assisting others.

As a massage therapist Monique provides a holistic approach that encompasses the mind, body, and soul connection.  She believes that all these aspects must unite within the heart in order to fully heal on all levels. As Monique works to resolve the physical formations brought on by traumas, stress, and other negativity, she also coaches her clients to help clear the emotional and mental components.

Monique’s years of knowledge and experience has created a doorway from which she has formed new modalities of massage therapy. One of these techniques is called the “myo-vortex” release technique, which removes the myofasical tissue.

Experience and training includes:

  • 1991 Monique obtained her cosmetologist license.
  • 2003 She achieved her associates in liberal arts.
  • 2007 Monique became a self employed hair stylist.
  • 2006-2008 She was hired as an art teacher for children at Young Rembrandts in Elgin IL.
  • 2012 Monique began her awakening process. This propelled her into the holistic healing field with; an attuned with Usui Reiki I, breath work modalities and Chi Gong. She brought these elements together to facility her own personal and professional growth. Monique then bought and ran her own hair salon in Hebron IL called A Unique Touch Salon and Day Spa.
  • 2013 She achieved Reiki II attunement and began opening to other healing modalities.
  • 2014 Monique earned her massage therapist license from Cortiva institute in Crystal Lake IL.
  • 2015 She was re-attuned with Usui Reiki I & II.
  • 2016 Monique is working towards Reiki III, Master Teacher level, and obtain her certifications for Trauma Therapy & Rolfing.

Monique is qualified to provide the following massage therapy techniques:

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For more information or to make an appointment, call Monique at 815-648-4966