November 2014 Greenleaf Happenings ~ Our Transforming Lives

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Hello Everyone,

Wow, October certainly was eventful! For some, October was lovely, but for many this month was a mixed bag of the good, the bad and the ugly. However, the experience of uncertainty, drama, and turbulence will always reveal hidden treasure and abundant opportunities. November is the month we put all the pieces back together, albeit rearranged.

When our lives are churned up, we end up discovering things we’ve either forgotten or never noticed. This gives us an opportunity to reassess our path and stretch ourselves as we look for the solutions we have yet to realize. The rumblings of October also helped to unearth repressed issues of the past, giving us an opportunity to finally release the old, giving us room for something new to grow.

As much as we dread turmoil, it opens the door to the answers we are seeking. Upon entering November, we are within the belly of the beast – the transformational abode of Scorpio.

Personally, I love the energy of transformation, because it is Creations Sacred Cauldron. Anyone who embraces the Goddess within, feels the primal and powerful essence of each stage of transformation, and knows a new future is about to open. Just as a new child enters our world, the hours of pain are transformed into indescribable joy.

The Gift of our Past

When we fully appreciate the gifts and teachings of our past, we transmute the negativity held within our experiences. The next step is to fully honor the past by releasing it. In this way, the gift of what was has the opportunity to grow within ourselves and all who were joined through the experience. Just as the Phoenix rises reborn from the ashes of who it once was, we ascend renewed.  We then step forward with the cultured pearls of wisdom, which become our new foundation.

As we come to the end of many of our cycles, we fully honor what has taken place by appreciating our experiences and giving thanks to those who shared them. Whether we view the past as positive or negative, all that matters is our understanding that everything happens for good reason as our life prepared us for the opening doorways that now beacons


To assist you with these intense stages of transformation taking place not only within this month, but in your lives, I am providing the following classes…

Ascension Classes


Support and education for your Awakening Process

Bi-Weekly Thursdays 7-9 pm – Beginning 11/20/2014

$26.00/$20.00 clients

These ascension classes are designed to provide information, education and support for your journey through the changing reality of your life. Whether you are aware of it or not, your life is being transformed in an effort to bring you Home.

You are “evolving” your physical self as well as your physical reality through the acceptance and conscious alignment of your Whole and Divine Truth. As more individuals awaken to their deeper truths, all will advance into a reality that supports and expands our Authentic Selves.

Even thought the awakening is a joyous time, its process can also be confusing and painful, as all that holds us to our dying past is removed from our lives.

These classes are designed to help you understand what is influencing these occurrences, awaken to your innermost truths and assist your transformation process. This is an opportunity to heal, facilitate, transform and understand.

These bi-weekly classes will include a number of topics to enhance your understand of the changes you are experiencing, how to transform residual negativities, and how to attract your impending reality. For more information, click this link.

Ascension Support Group

Monthly Fridays, 7-8:30 pm $11

All students may also participate in a monthly support group for additional assistance and sharing. The activities of this group may include:

  • Q & A about your process
  • Group Sharing
  • Group Healing
  • Group Meditation
  • Group Blessings (for loved ones, earth, humanity, etc)

*You must be a student of Greenleaf Healing to attend this support group.

If you are interested in attending these classes, please contact Carolyn Greenleaf at


Ascension Class 1 – What’s Going On???


November 20, 2014, 7-9 pm

Cary, IL

This class will be an introduction and overview of the ascension process. We will also discuss why the ascension is happening, how it affects us all and how we can lessen the difficulties within our awakening process.  We will also discuss ascension symptoms, what influences our progression and how we are supported.

Sign up with Carolyn at

Meditation Classes


Guided meditation classes continue at Evolve in downtown Crystal Lake each Wednesday from 7-8 pm.

I may begin providing morning guided meditations if enough individuals are interested. Please contact Carolyn if you would like to begin a meditation group at Greenleaf Healing in Cary, IL

For more information about these meditation classes, click this link.

Coming Soon….


Women’s Support Group – Embracing the Goddess Within

On some level, all women feel it – the Goddess is awakening within.

This will be a monthly meeting for women who wish to reconnect to the Goddess within and learn about these powerful aspects of their innermost self.

Students will be introduced to various Goddesses who symbolize hidden aspects within every woman. There will be opportunities to share and discuss the changes each woman feels and how it correlates to the transforming Mother Earth we all share.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Carolyn Greenleaf via email:

In Closing…

Honor the transformation of your life. Say yes to the heartfelt opportunities that come your way, as your life continues making the needed adjustments to answer your hearts calling. Be grateful for each day, recognize the knowledge your experiences provide you and be excited for the future that is unfolding. Surrender your fears and accept the gifts coming your way.

I am so very grateful for your continued interest and support in Greenleaf Healing.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf