Open to the Magic Within! ~ July 2013


Greenleaf Happenings ~ July 2013

Can you feel it? Growing excitement coming from….within? Wonderful things are unfolding for all of us on many levels…

This month will begin to usher more manifestations that are related to the building excitement many of us experienced in June. Astrologically, we are moving into a grand trine which will help us overcome the adversities we may experience this month. The planet Jupiter known for abundant blessings is in a very special & exalted place in nurturing Cancer. This watery trine also connects with Neptune’s beautiful dreaming world along with the cosmic & physical manifester Saturn. This cultivates a harmonizing & powerful water grand trine made for materialization!

While Mercury is also retrograding until the 20th in Cancer we are given the opportunity to clear our internal barriers that stand in the way of actualizing our dreams. Mercury retrogrades will always triggers our unconscious blocks to surface for resolution and/or release. During Mercury’s visit in Cancer/Jupiter combo, issues regarding our relationship with the feminine energies within our lives will ask for freedom, recognition, equality, healing and acceptance. Also, recognizing & respecting our own as well as others sensitivities, nourishment & need for positive support are at the forefront during our time in emotional Cancer. Family connections will also need attention, sensitivity, understanding and appreciation.

This will be a time when we will experience the warm sensation of Oneness awaken inside our bodies as we innately sense our deeper connections with those who share our lives. Family, friends, acquaintances and strangers begin to deepen our recognition of something we may not have noticed before; something our minds have yet to grasp. Be prepared for surprising insights as the doorway to our expanding realities reveals more of who we are ~ to each other.

Just as the Universal Energy increases Its & our vibration, the speed of our joining fragmented aspects (denied parts of self) and the polarities of our descending past call for healing and acceptance. As the intensity of this reassembly increases, we will feel the fireworks created from both clashes & joyous reunions, both within ourselves and our world. This is an opportunity to heal the wounds held so deeply within ourselves and those that have survived eons by feeding on our fear, rejection and anger. Those who have come before us live within our DNA as they trigger the unconscious ills of our world and self. It is time for us to stop running, suppressing or ignoring what haunts us. It is time to reclaim our FREEDOM!

This is a time of recognition, gratitude, acceptance, respect and authenticity of our whole & divine truth. We must lie to rest the distortions created in our past. We have grown so much and now it is time to accept, let go and bless the education of our past. By embracing our wholeness and expanded growth we earned from our past, we will float along the magical currents that will align us with what our Souls have prepared for us.

Embrace this time as you liberate yourself from the limitations of your past and open to the possibilities that are waiting for you ~ now.

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Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf