Opening Your Gifts – Class


At this moment, all we have worked for and dreamed of is ours. The work of the past is done and it is now time to understand the new world that awaits our recognition.

Even though our eyes and mind perceives an old reality, we in fact are not there. Our mind is not able to grasp our new reality…yet. We are now united with the true world our heart and Soul exist within. It is up to us to accept the wonderful opportunity that we have been blessed with. This class will help you to release the old remnants you still see and leap into your Souls reality.

In this class, we will discuss the Now Moment that we exist within and how to bring this sense into your physical reality. You will also learn how to open and access your Gifts that are ready to be received.

These Gifts include:

  • Material things that have already manifested
  • Relationships ready to begin or renew (on all levels
  • Forgotten dreams that are opening their doors now
  • New or revitalized careers

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