Pressures of…Change

Hold on!

Ok, we can’t run and we cannot hide from it any longer, change is here and it is not letting up. From one day to the next something else is changing or we feel as though we are on an erratic emotional ride.

In a nutshell, we are being transformed….

It is our goal, consciously or not to come into the true version of ourselves as we embody more and more of our Soul. As our Soul continues to move to the forefront in our lives, all that we have repressed is coming up with more force than before and this push will increase. It is time, it is time…get it together is the theme of the Universe.

If you are not with the program, you will feel an internal struggle as the ego façade with its repressed anger and fears try to break free. Let it happen! Your Soul’s frequency and brilliance is transforming your lower vibrating energies, but the mind get’s in the way. When a transformation is happening, you will feel a residual effect within your body as your cells change. Chances are you will also feel old emotional memories as they make for the exit too. Let them go!!! You will experience problems when you grab hold of these past issues and begin to examine them again. If you do this, you could relive or experience that issue again.  That is ego. The ego lives through the patterns formed by the past. Do not allow the ego to stand in the way of this transition that must take place. It is time to get out of the ego’s tidal wave and ride the waves with your Soul.

When you consciously connect to your Soul, you feel relief that turns into joy. Yes, joy. You can win this battle by flipping… inward. The ego’s reality is built upon what it perceives in your outer world. The ego is the Soul’s opposite and a way to experience a duality based reality. But that game is over. The days of living through the fallacy of separation are over; however the ego is scared and feels as though it is dying. Death only exists within the ego’s reality, not your Soul’s. Your Soul is an extension of your greater Spirit and is connected to All That Is. In your Divine Truth, nothing in Creation dies, but it does transform into a greater version through the knowledge gained from previous experiences. Problem is the ego does not understand this. The fact is, energy cannot be destroyed, and the ego is energy, so it cannot be eliminated, but it is in the process of transformation – changing its form. The egos energy is returning to its original form… Light.

Enjoy the Journey~


Carolyn Greenleaf

Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher & Author

*You will find more information about the Inner Child, Soul reconnection or to understand the way of the ego, in my book “Re-Entering Eden: Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth.” You will find the link if you hover over the title.

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