Renewal & Expansion – February 2014 – Happenings

 kermit-70118_640 PixabyFebruary is a wonderful time to exercise our heart muscle. Our heart is not only an expression love, but also the compass that leads us to our greatest potential. However, the path between our head and heart can be an elusive one. At times, barely recognizable if seen at all; and often times a scary proposition. However, this journey is the only one that will truly set you free.

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Well, my uninhabitable home due to the fire in December is still in a state of limbo, as am I. However, this has provided me with an opportunity to dig deep for solutions – on the practical, personal and symbolic levels.

Life throws things at us for good reason; it’s up to us to figure them out. In doing so, we advance and grow in ways we later feel grateful.

When we lease our resistance, accept our circumstances, and take responsibility for what we do with what we’ve been dealt – we grow. The goals and dreams within our heart are clearing a path and creating the doorways for realization. What we beseech is also making its way toward us. When we get out of the way of the old bricks that must fall, new formations can take their place. Let go & Flow. This is the fastest way through – easier than our mind would have us think, yet standard within the wisdom of our heart.

As a new season is drawing near, this is the perfect opportunity to clean out the drawers of the past and make room for the new to enter. This is the between time where transformation is in full force. Focus upon what is possible, while accepting responsibility for the past. For something new to birth its way into your life, a release is required. Release what no longer serves your best interest, whatever is holding you to a past that no longer exists, and the rigid thought forms that hold you in a place of resistance and fear.

Wishing you joy and excitement within your unfolding journey,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf