Rising From the Ashes


Why do we have so much trouble letting go of what was?

As you find yourselves at the end of a very long experience within a dualistic reality, known as an illusion, parts of the past keep popping up, telling you, you are still forgetting something. . . Forgiveness. Without complete forgiveness, we are all trapped.

This class is about seeing your life through the perspective of your Soul, so you can finally rise into the life your heart yearns for.

You will look at how your ego’s grievances effects your decisions and the path your lives have taken. You will also learn about the nature of your Soul and the true role your ego plays in your ultimate growth.

We will also discuss why it is so difficult to fully forgive and release the past and what we need to know in order to succeed with this final piece.

In this class, you will learn:

  • The nature of the Ego and the Soul
  • How to let go of what was and open to what IS

Opportunity for healing:

  • Exercises to let go and release your grievances
  • Beginning a Soul to Soul connection with others