Shaping High Internal Frequencies Together

This group has been created to help individuals move through the massive changes experienced on both the collective and individual levels. This entire planet and all who inhabit earth are moving through a state of great transformation. An evolution has been taking place, through realizations and awakenings termed, the Ascension.

This process can be scary when walked alone. However, we are also moving into a new reality, which is based upon connection, unity and support. This new reality is based upon the embodiment of the Soul and the Oneness of which we are. From this awakened position we are to form a new world, which begins within each one of us.

This Shift is instigating a reformation about the way we think, behave and create. From our awakened state, we form a new reality, through the embodiment of our true Soul’s Power, Presence and Wisdom.

Information, Support & Sharing

Each gathering will have a topic, with opportunity’s to share experiences and issues involved with the changes occurring and how it is effecting members of the group.  There will also be an offering of solutions that will help alleviate the fears and symptoms of these changes. In addition, we will share, encourage and support the positive new ideas and pathways opening in each participant’s life.

Our new reality requires new foundations and careers that need to be birthed and supported. This group provides comfort toward painful transitions and celebrates our growth for the benefit of all.

Discussions will include:

  • Understanding the Ascension and it’s process
  • Ascension symptoms, problems & how to alleviate them
  • Straddling the 2 worlds – the old reality and the new
  • How we can assist and support one another, friends, family and our community
  • Energy reports – astrological, etc.
  • Group Meditations, Shamanic Journey’s and Intentions

~  ~  ~  ~

As a Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic and Energetic Healer, Carolyn provides the appropriate guidance for each participant as issues surface for resolution.

You may join this group at anytime. However, you must first be approved to assure participants will benefit all involved.  Please contact Carolyn Greenleaf at: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com

Cost is $22.00 per meeting