Sacred Nature, Sacred You ~ Workshop

Forest%20from%20your%20dreams,%20Why%20do%20we%20dreamShamanic Journey Workshop by Carolyn Greenleaf

This Workshop is designed to help individuals understand, reconnect and heal their sacred relationship with an essential aspect of themselves… nature. Students will discover that there is no real separation between themselves and their natural world, that in fact they are One.

Reconnection is made through inward journeys into the heart, where access to memories, knowledge and wisdom of one’s Soul and conscious connection with the web of life is reestablished.

We will explore the various aspects of nature and the sacred life that flows within each one. We will also reestablish our union through our shared life force with nature to access this source of creation, nourishment and intelligence we share.

We will walk into the world of the elements, crystals, plants, animals and the Spirits that govern them. Each section of this workshop will consist of information and guidance for each journeys adventure. Sharing of journey experiences is encouraged as it enhances the experience of the group. A drum circle will begin and conclude the workshop. Please bring drums, rattles, bells, triangles, shakers, maracas, etc. There is a limited amount of extra instruments for those who do not have them.

This workshop is a life-changing event – you will never encounter your natural world from the view you previously held. You will feel the sacredness of who you are and that of your natural world. This workshop can enhance your life in a myriad of ways, such as expanding your sense of the present moment and accessing the creative spirit and wisdom within yourself, nature and the Oneness.

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