September 2014 Greenleaf Happenings ~ Deepening Union

beautiful-67905_640September will be a mixture of wonderful and awful. Our experience depends upon our acceptance and/or resistance toward what is taking place in our lives.

As we continue along our internal and natural evolutionary process, aspects we have denied will literally stare us in the face; as we are moving through another stage of labor that precedes the birth of our evolved selves.

This year, September represents the fulfillment of a job well done. However, in order to reap our rewards we have to tie up some loose ends…within ourselves. The key – accept all of who you are. A union deep within the self is taking place this month between your Humanity and your Soul. All of who you were within your experience of this life from birth until now are moving through a doorway and into the loving arms of your Soul & Spirit – a loving reunion is taking place.

However, elements of who you were in the past may still harbor some anger or fear. Resolution is knocking at your door. This is not a time to be reactive, rather take conscious action that speaks your Souls truth – take full responsibility. This is a time for honesty, truthful reflection and resolution of disturbing or unresolved issues within yourself – this is what creates real change and opens the coffers of fulfillment and the achievement of your ultimate goals.

As we heal, there are also ancient unresolved experiences that have been surfacing for some time which have reached a boiling point. This is why we are seeing so much unrest and brutality in some areas of our world.

Nevertheless, there are individuals who have been consciously resolving their internal and ancient issues during the past 14 years in particular, and have done a tremendous service toward the whole of humanity’s plight. Those who have resisted the opportunities for resolve and release of our past are now recreating the blind brutality we see today. Therefore, see it for what it is and do not allow your powerful emotions to feed the flames of terror. Instead, envision the peace that is waiting for your embrace.

When we release the anger, pain and fear within ourselves, there is a ripple effect. As we heal ourselves, we heal our world. We are connected, we are One. Each one of us are the face and heart of each other.

We are evolving into our Souls True Reality. Soon, we will experience our real nature. Many individuals who have been succeeding with their internal work are already experiencing increasingly joyous and peaceful moments in their daily lives. This is real. These moments of intense clarity, connection and bliss are much more genuine and sincere than our monotonous experience of our repeating past. Surrender, let what was – go. Recognize the wonderful qualities within yourself and the growth you have accomplished through the experiences you have endured. You have done a tremendous job! Stop running, stop denying, Creation sees what you have yet to realize – you are Perfection, accept it!

Upcoming Events

Book Reading & Signing!

Re-Entering Eden - Book & CD combo pic.
Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth By Carolyn M. Greenleaf 9/20/2014 @ 12-4 pm
Location: Evolve 54 N. Williams St., Crystal Lake IL 60014

Book Reading 12:15 – 12:20 and 3:00 – 3:05
Discussion & questions 12:20 – 12:30 and 3:05 – 3:15
Book Signing 12:30 – 3:00 and 3:15 – 4:00

For more information, click here.


Shamanic Journey Workshop by Carolyn Greenleaf

Forest%20from%20your%20dreams,%20Why%20do%20we%20dreamSacred Nature, Sacred You
October 12 and October 19, 2014 from 4 – 6 pm

This 2-part Workshop is designed to help individuals understand, reconnect and heal their sacred relationship with an essential aspect of themselves… nature. Students will discover that there is no real separation between themselves and their natural world, that in fact they are One. For more information, click here.

Guided Mediation Classes


Ongoing Wednesdays 7 – 8 pm at Evolve in downtown Crystal Lake.

These guided meditations are inward heart focused. The goal is not only to access the doorway into a meditative state, but to also expand your connection with your own perfection. Your heart is the gateway to your Soul; it’s time you know this part of yourself again. For more information, click here.

In Closing

Enjoy the fruits of your labor. As you encounter residual labor pains, do a little joy dance – it will bring you to your birth with grace. And don’t forget to take some time to really see yourself and realize how wonderful you are…actually.

Abundant Blessings,
Carolyn M. Greenleaf

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