Setting Goals in the Flow

We are all hungry for something, wImagehether it is a better job, more income, increased free time or to purchase something special. However, just as the rest of our lives seem to be joining a new flow, the way in which we obtain our goals is also in need of change.

First, get your priorities straight. Remember the purpose of setting a goal – it is to accomplish, achieve or receive something that you do not have yet. Therefore, your goal is change, not regiment. It is better to focus on time management rather than getting things done in a specific way. When you focus too much on specifics, you stop your creative flow and don’t see other options which may be available to you. Flexibility opens the doors for solutions and ideas to enter your sphere. Creativity does not follow the logical form most are accustom to – it requires flexibility and open minds where you can connect to the abundant “flow” where creative ideas reside.

The beauty of setting goals is that they help you move in a forward direction to produce the change you are seeking. Whether it is changing your circumstances in your personal life or within your business, the process is the same.

Time Management

Each person feels more alert at certain times. Figure out when your most productive time is for you – morning, afternoon or evening. This is when you’re most receptive to the creative ideas and inspiration you need to accomplish your ultimate goal.

Next, schedule the “must does.” This includes all those necessary things that keep the rest of life/work running smoothly. Keeping on top of your responsibilities releases the monkeys from your back while giving you peace of mind.

Thirdly, schedule things that don’t require much mental concentration during your less productive time slots. This is when your mind is getting sluggish or your body is tired, yet you can still have a bit of energy reserves to accomplish what you need to do.

Always make time to nourish who you are. The reason you are choosing to make a change in your personal life or business is to achieve more success and happiness. If you push yourself too hard for too long, you will neglect your personal needs and begin to feel miserable. You do not want to have negative feelings or a sense of depletion while you are working toward your goals – it will thwart your progress. The most successful outcome always coincides with heightened, positive feelings because your wonderful ideas were born through the passionate joy of your creative heart and satisfied mind.

Also, do a check in each week. Reevaluate your goals; do they still fit who you are and what you value today? Allow for changes as you change.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you fall short of a goal. Berating yourself is just as damaging as taking the seams out of your wallet. It worsens the situation. Instead, take an objective stance – learn and grow. Ask yourself why you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do so you can make the proper changes that will inspire you to find the solutions that will get you to the “I did it” stage.

The most important part of working toward a goal is to be true to whom you really are. The true prize is your growth and recognition of how wondrous you really are.  So, enjoy the process of the creativity needed to open undiscovered pathways and gifts along your way to your intended reward even though it will always pale in comparison to whom you are becoming.

This post regarding “Goals” will be continued next week.

Enjoy your day!

Carolyn Greenleaf