Soul & Ego – Awareness of Self

grateful_jan_t750x550During times of change, we often feel a battle raging within the self. Many experience feelings of pain, confusion, anger and sorrow. These difficult feelings and the experiences that accompany them can actually reveal much more than once realize – they offer us a way towards freedom.

We will discuss these aspects of the “false” ego self and the “true” Soul Self and how they affect our lives. It is important to understand the situations and confusion that the ego tends to create and why they are valuable. It is time to reveal the mystery of the misunderstood ego and provide a clearer and expanded picture of the Soul and Spirit. It is important to understand, the only enemies within the self are the distorted facts of what we are actually dealing with. When we understand the bigger picture of what is really happening, we can gain control of our lives, make better choices and regain our freedom.

The information in this class is essential to understanding the evolutionary process of change we are all experiencing. This is an event of true empowerment and conscious growth, through awareness and understanding of the true power You possess.

This is an interactive class, so please bring your open minds, hearts and questions!

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