Soul Readings

These intuitive Readings are based upon a conscious Soul to Soul connection. An individuals name is used as the keys to begin the stream of communication. While connecting to an individuals Soul essence or energy signature, Carolyn is able to capture in-depth information regarding ones Authentic Self. There is also a connection made with the individuals Spiritual Guides, Angels as well as Higher Self.

This reading goes beyond Name Readings as they delve even deeper into the nature of ones Self. This reading assists the participants greatly in furthering their discovery and re-connection with their Truest version of Self.

Carolyn’s connection is Soul to Soul. This means, she sees and understands the information from the view of Soul/Spirit. The information revealed pertains to ones capacity and does not recognize the false ego. Yet, sees the path of the ego as valuable tools toward the individuals goals.

Examples of what can be revealed:

  • The nature, tendencies or characteristics  of your Soul.
  • Clues to your Souls origin.
  • Information about your Souls path, answering questions about current tendencies or difficulties.
  • Anything you wish to ask, about who you really are.
  • Information about your loved ones deeper Souls truth.
  • Anything that Carolyn is allowed to reveal will be provided.

All that is needed is your full name to begin the connection process.

60 minutes regular price $100 

1 Hour $100.00

Once your reading is purchased, you may schedule the reading for any date you wish. The special offer expiration date is the deadline for purchase.

Please contact Carolyn Greenleaf at to schedule your Name Reading.

*It is highly recommended that you record the reading on your phone.