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Carolyn Greenleaf is also available for speaking engagements. Topics include: Wholeness & self discovery, empowering your choices and creativity, as well as inspiring self healing.

Inspirational speech or talks

Each speech or talk is geared toward the purpose of what the facility or group wishes to convey.

These speeches will always have an inspirational message and tone that directs the audience toward reconnecting to their innate ability to solve whatever stands in their way toward the success they wish.

Within these speeches or talks, Carolyn explains the importance and joy of healing the internal relationship with self. This relates to reconnecting with the hearts wisdom and going within for the best answers to personal as well as professional problems. In addition, the connection an individuals thoughts and negative beliefs have on the physical and emotional health is addressed and utilized as a doorway into transformation and healing.

Also, shared is the internal doorway to access the individual’s ability to find or create better and creative solutions for the personal or professional problems they grapple with.

A simple, yet powerful meditation can also accompany these speeches.

If you are interested in a booking or would like more information, please contact Carolyn via email: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com

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