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Re-Entering Eden: Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth

A reunion with ones true self requires the embodiment of the Soul where conscious wisdom empowers the self and influences choice once again. This book begins in the paradise where humanities roots formed to reveal unknown secrets that led to their fall from grace, and clues that guide them back to their original truths, opening the gate to reclaim their innocence and divine power.   *For more information click here.

*Carolyn Greenleaf will autograph each book purchased through Greenleaf Healing. A personal message can be added via *note during PayPal checkout or e-mail Please include your e-mail address and who to address the message and any other information you wish to provide.

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Re-Entering Ere-entering-eden-book-cd-combo-pic-261x300den Book & Companion CD
Guided Meditations, Journeys & Exercises
By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

CD + Soft Cover "Re-Entering Eden" book $28.98
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FP 8-22-12 021 (4)Heart Wisdoms; Daily Inspirational Quotes

These 365 quotes are meant to inspire others, to see the greater possibilities life can hold and to encourage each reader to discover their own hearts wisdoms.The intention of Heart Wisdoms is to instill a broader perspective toward our daily lives where resolution can take place in a respectful and practical way. *For more information, click here.

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Mini EBooks

7-8-12 009 (3) - CopyOneness & Unity Consciousness

Many changes are happening on every level of our existence as balance is restored within the Creation of which we are. An internal reunion of our own Soul aspects, triggering an even larger global awakening is upon us.  An awakening, a realization that we are so much more than we once thought, and a growing sense of a shared connection that runs so very deep with all who share our lives. Click here for more information.

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064 - Copy - CopyKarmic Clearing & Family Healing

This eBook explains the process our karmic cycles have taken, opening the door for healing and transformation to take place. This mini eBook assists the cultivation of deep compassion to release the old cycles, and includes various suggestions to assist this healing process. Click here for more information.

848 KB – PDF download  
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Divine Unions - EBookDivine Unions

This EBook includes information regarding your Divine Inheritance and the relationships born from this recognition and embrace of your eternal gift.  Also, Soul Mates, Twins and Flames are discussed as well as relationship dynamics and resolutions. This book entails all forms of relationships within your life’s connections with all who share your life’s path. Click here for more information.

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Eden CD Cover (4-24-14)Re-Entering Eden Companion CD
Guided Meditations, Journeys & Exercises
By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

This companion CD is a blend of exercises, guided journeys and meditations to enhance the teachings of the book “Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth,” while providing assistance along your journey toward wholeness as you come home to your truth. *For more information.

Eden CD $19.99
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Class Video’s

All Class Video’s are $26.00 per download. Clients are charged $20.00, but  must email Carolyn for links. Each video includes notes, which you will be able to download during check out. Also, Q & A via email is also included within the price.

Facing Your Fears – Class

This class is about thinspiration 2 blog hop child's bear (google images) (3) - Copye fears that prevent your forward movement and the consequences of these fears. You will learn how you developed most of your fears, where they come from, what happens when you give into these fears and how you can resolve them while you reclaim the lost pieces of yourself. These lost pieces are the denied facets of you that became shrouded within your confusion, anger and fear. Click here for more information

Class - Facing Your Fears $26.00

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Meditation Introduction – Class

Meditaion Intro.This video explains what meditation is, how best to practice, what you may experience during your meditation, the benefits, how to maintain your focus, increase your awareness and how meditation can create balance in your life. This video also explains how you can recall the energy you have attached to others and dispersed in your life, thereby placing yourself in a position of power. Click here for more information.

Class - Meditation Introduction $26.00

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Changing Your Reality Class Series

This is a class series that includes the Universal Laws of Energy/Creation. Each class explains the various Laws that mold your life and create your reality. These classes also include exercises to enhance your understanding as well as application of class material in your life. More Information

Part I

This class is about Oneness.  We will discuss Creations Law of Divine Oneness as well as the structure of this Connected Reality. This class will also help you understand the process humanity is moving through in order to accomplish this enhanced reality of Being. All polarities are also uniting, creating temporary “sparks” or discomfort within the self and the outer world. More Information.

Creating Your Reality Part I $26.00

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Part II


The first step in changing your life is to understand the nature of energy. Everything is energy, manifested by you. Everything within your world is a reflection of the energetic vibrations you hold within yourself – your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, physical condition, memories, karmic lineage are producing your reality. More Information


Creating Your Reality Part II $26.00

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Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is an effective and gentle detox solution. Safe to use on a daily basics as a preventative and to boost the
body’s natural release of toxins and enhance flow. This tea has also been used for serious conditions such as cancer.  This tea is organically grown and packaged in the USA. Information link

1 (1 oz)Tea Bag $6.00
3 (1 oz) Tea Bags $15.00

Affirmational Charms

Family Healing - copyFamily Healing

This charm is designed help you heal your family’s ancestral lineage. Past events contribute to current issues, inherited from your family’s karmic lineage. You can heal, forgive and release the unhealthy attachments and misalignments from the past – today. This charm also includes a printed affirmation and a special prayer.  *For more information, click here.

Family Healing $19.99
*Free Shipping

Transformation - Affirmational Charm - CopyTransformation

Attune yourself to the calming and balancing effects of this special charm. Clarifies the mind and gives you a heightened feeling as you release the old and prepare yourself to accept your brilliant manifestations. This charm can be used for anything in your life that is in need of change or rejuvenation. This charm comes with a printed affirmation. *For more information, click here


Transformation $18.89
*Free Shipping

Wholeness - Affirmational Charm - CopyWholeness

This creation naturally elicits a sense of joy, warmth, peace and amplifies an inner truth, which is unity. This charm is a reminder of your most Divine truths, connecting you to your Spirits Wisdom. If you feel scattered, disconnected or unfulfilled, this charm can help you find the peace and wholeness you desire. This charm also comes with a printed affirmation.  *For more information, click here.

Wholeness $17.89
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~ Services ~

Readings & Reports

Yearly Reports

Each year, we sense a new cycle opening. Actually, we have many cycles, levels and layers of self that are moving us into the growth we agreed to before we where born. We begin to feel the winds of change during the end and beginning of each year as these cycles open and close, to ultimately move us into greater expansion. Information link

$75 Report + 30 minutes
$150 Report + 60 minutes


Name Readings

Carolyn can unlock and connect you to the energetic information hidden within your name. Learn more about who you are on the Soul level and what you are here to do. This reading includes your name workup using various methods prior to a 40 minute session. For more information, click here.

30 min. Name Read $55
60 min. Name Read $100
60 min. Name Read + summary $135

Include the following information during the checkout process:

  • Full name as written on birth certificate (first, middle and last) *
  • Name changes
  • Nicknames or shortened versions of your name


Soul Readings

These intuitive Readings are based upon a conscious Soul to Soul connection. While connecting to an individuals Soul essence or energy signature, Carolyn is able to capture in-depth information regarding ones Authentic Self. There is also a connection made with the individuals Spiritual Guides, Angels as well as Higher Self. Information link.

1 Hour $100.00


Who are you in Numbers

This numeric report provides information that can enhance your journey of discovery. The date of your birth along with your birth name and name changes sheds light on many aspects of the self, including areas of difficulty and challenge, as well as your innate strengths and talents. Information link 

$140 Report and 30 min.


Life Cycles

Your report and reading will show you how these cycles interact throughout the span of your life. These cycles include: Destiny, Birthpath, Pinnacles, Challenges, Age Spans, Essence and Transits Cycles, 9 year personal cycles, including current year as it is expressed each month. Information link

$140 Report and 30 min.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available  and may be applied toward any Products, Services and Classes.

For more information and Certificate dollar amounts, Click this Link.


Sessions & Packages

For information about Sessions, click this link. For information about cost & packages, click here.

646471_MediumCarolyn Greenleaf at Arts & Hearts for Haiti

Person to person sessions are provided in Cary, Illinois.

Phone or Skype sessions are also available.

Payment is due at the time of appointment.

Individual Sessions

1 Hour $80.00
1.5 Hour $180.00


4 Sessions (A) $480.00
4 Sessions (B) $586.00
6 Sessions (A) $705.00
6 Sessions (B) $860.00
8 Sessions (A) $920.00
8 Sessions (B) $1122.00
10 Sessions (A) $1125.00
10 Sessions (B) $1370.00
12 Sessions (A) $1320.00
12 Sessions (B) $1610.00


For information about Sessions, click this link. For information about cost & packages, click here.