Summer Solstice 2017

The summer solstice represents the possibilities that can permeate our world, from the inside out. This gateway into Summer is a reflection of our ability to focus upon the greatest degree of light within the self, while also residing in a reality of darkness within. This darkness is not evil – it is inert potential.  Think of this as the dark, rich and nutrient soil where we plant our seeds and wait for them to produce something beautiful and/or provide sustenance. Even though we cannot see growth take place within the darkness of the soil, we know it is happening. As long as these seeds receive nourishing rain and sun, they will produce.

It is the same process that happens within the self. When we use our Light (Authentic Source of Self) to form this dark matter of potential that is also within us, we will create something new and beautiful. What we believe in, we nurture. What we nurture creates abundance for more than one as it expands and ultimately feeds all.

This Summer Solstice, we have entered the center point of our 10 year (2+0+1+7). This symbolizes the new cycle of which we are well under way. With this, we have witnessed a large number of deaths. All are moving into this opening cycle in various ways.  Transformation takes many forms. This is the natural process of Creation. What we witness as death is a way for those who have finished their current stage in a physical sense to move to their next position. The process of releasing the physical body merely takes these individuals into their next cycle along their ongoing journey.

Just as the Sun has reached its greatest degree of Light, it is also beginning its decent into the wonders that await in the Darkness. This is the Darkness that allows us to flourish along our ongoing sojourn that never ends.

During this year’s Summer Solstice, be mindful of the seeds you are planting as well as the growth you have achieved through your own evolutionary process. What you nourish will be with you for the next 9 years. Be grateful, be mindful, be in joy and allow the Light within you to Dance.

I am dedicating this article to my dear friend Imelda Arcilla who passed from this physical plane last week. Her Light will forever shine upon those she touched. With her passing, was also a tremendous release of our past pains through the trials of our evolutionary process. Imelda is a Being of Light that helps Transform what no longer served us into something much greater. This darling and special Being we call Imelda is continuing her journey in new and evolutionary ways.  She, just as others who have left this physical plane continue to grow with us, guide us and help us remember what really matters.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf