Surfing through the Changes


This blog serves as part 2 of last week’s posting “Pressures of Change.”

The Universe is in cooperation with our ultimate goals – by providing the energetic prods, pokes and shifts thought planetary alignments, solar flares, etc. These trigger deeply held issues our ego is holding onto. It all has to go – we are being cleared & cleaned of the past. Many will also experience ancient memories or energies as we are seeing the beginning of this reality that is now ending. The head is seeing its tail.

You can get out of the way of these falling bricks by turning your attention inward. Go within your heart and touch your Soul, your Divine Truth – it is waiting for you. Feel the excitement of your Soul as this part of you is connecting to the bigger picture and with it, your future. This is why you may feel joy surfacing for no apparent reason – your Soul is doing the happy dance as another piece of your dreams has moved into place. However, your egos eyes can’t see it.

Next, stay. Remain connected to your Soul as you continue bring your focus inward. Now, feel the good stuff – love, joy, acceptance and your Soul’s true identity. In this place, you can tap into your Soul’s Wisdom where you can draw better solutions which you can apply to your outer life. This is also the position where you can observe your world as though looking through bulletproof glass. Here, no one can harm you because you have left the building. Through your focus, you can remove your hand (energy) in the ego’s game and the experience of the falling bricks of your outer world. However, the moment you buy into what the ego is selling by feeling anger or fear creeping in, you have left your sanctuary and are subject to the ego world again. If this happens – shift positions asap or your ego will lol!

Learn your Souls Language – Feelings, Release & Flow

Your Soul communicates to you through your feelings as its primary guidance system. Do what feels right for you, not what you are expected to do. Expectations are ego lingo.

Learn to relax and let go of your attachment to everything as much as you possibly can. Attachments to outcomes, people, etc are again, ego lingo. When you are embodying your Soul, you no longer feel the need to obsess over…anything. The Soul is connected to the Oneness. That means everyone is your Family; in some way they are an extension of you so you are always linked. However, you experience your associations as expressions of love, beauty, explorers, etc.

After you have released your attachment to your outer world, allow yourself to float. Begin by relaxing. The deeper you are able to relax the more you can feel the “Flow” of Creation as you begin to float along the currents of the higher vibrating frequency of you future as your Soul guides you forward. This is also where your Soul can guide you to the best resolutions for your unresolved issues or problems in any area of your life.


  • Focus Inward
  • Feel the positive energy of your Soul
  • Remain in this position and draw from it
  • Function in your outer world as an observer while connecting to your (inner world) Soul
  • Apply your Souls positive feelings & wisdom to all areas of your life

My Story

At times, I get writer block. I have a very free Spirit with a rebellious side that does not like to do what’s expected. So, what happens when I have a dead line? I fuss and stomp my foot as I force myself to sit in front of my computer. Not good for a writer. Therefore, I began to take action.

First, I released my attachment to the outcome. Then I started to remember why I love to write. This triggered the exciting feelings inside me, because writing is one of my forms of creative expression. I then fanned the flames of this excitement and you know what happened? The blocks disappeared! My Inner Child began to do the happy dance again as I aligned myself with my Souls true energy of expressing love and wisdom through writing.

So, now I don’t sweat the deadlines. I wait for Creations Inspiration to move me as I sit and begin typing without question, attachments or resistance.

Any time you step into the center of your Soul’s energy, make a request, it will be granted. As long as you remain open to what flows to you, you will resolve what ails you and funnel wisdom into every area of your life…instantaneously.

Happy Surfing!

Carolyn Greenleaf

Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher & Author

*You will find more information about the Inner Child, Soul reconnection or to understand the way of the ego, in my book “Re-Entering Eden: Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth.” You will find the link if you hover over the title.

*I would be more than happy to help during your transition, ascension or life in general. Visit my website for more information.