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Greenleaf Happenings November 2017 ~ Higher Connections

November is a month of many opportunities – to make new connections and mend old ones. These connections pertain to both, self and others, who you are connected. This is a time to look for the inspiration within these connections you have yet to notice. This month also serves as a gateway to a deepening of intent, clarity and possibilities.

Sacred Unity

If we look at the Universal number for this month and year (11+2017/10) we get the sum 21. Typically, you would add the 2 and 1 together to focus on their sum of 3, which I will do. However, there is a revelation within the 21. I believe this pair of numbers to be sacred and significant, as they indicate unity. 2 parts join to become 1. Within this unity, something else is born; resembled within the 3. This is a happy union – the number 3 indicates BEing in the United and Pure Presence of Divine Self and all that has made it possible; including unlimited possibilities with All. Yes, a lot for the mind to take in.

This makes the number 3 an expression of one’s creativity, authenticity and joy. This is an appropriate number to focus upon this month as we celebrate Thanksgiving. A day of gratitude and joining together provides an opportunity for internal and external growth. Take time to embrace what this day of Thanks has to offer both spiritually and physically.

Going Deep

With Jupiter in Scorpio for the next 12 months, we will be forced into the deep abyss of our psyche, where forgotten wounds will be unearthed in an effort to be healed.   This is a good thing! Intense yes, difficult yes, rewarding defiantly! This is preparing us for the dreams looking for expression within our hearts. The next 12 months will help us move into a higher frequency/energy, as we clear the way to experience our expanded future that Jupiter in Sagittarius (October 2018-November 2019) will usher in. Jupiter is returning home, as it is the ruling planet of Sagittarius – the zodiac of higher truth, ideals and freedom to express our dreams.  However, we don’t have to wait until next year to experience the ideals Sagittarius and Jupiter represent. Time is continuing to shift as the timelines of our past present and future converge. We are able to experience the hopes and dreams we believe to be in our future, now. Miracles are upon us.

Big Changes

I’m anticipating some very big changes for many. We are about to enter the 11:11 doorway of new beginnings and elevated frequencies.  This year, it will be 11:11:1 = 5. The 5 indicates changes – evolutionary changes! The 11:11 asks us to consciously claim our Mastery by utilizing and creating the opportunities to do so on the physical plane. We are being asked to step into our Divine Truth as the Magical Beings of Creation we truly are.  The 1 is a number of leadership, moving forward, new beginnings and unity. 11 is a Master number symbolizing consciousness, bearer of Divine Light, inspiration and new vision. The 5 is also Gevurah; the Divine Feminine and the Birther of Creation.

When we look at the significance of this, along with the unifying energy of this month, many will advance into the dreams & desires they have aligned themselves with.   There is great potential here! Prepare yourselves for 11/11 by focusing on the joy of having what your heart has been guiding you towards. If you don’t know what that is, then just focus on gratitude, love, joy. The important thing is to tap into your passion, and heighten your energetic frequency. Then, be conscious of what begins to happen, while remaining in the high vibration you’ve been playing in. The more you are able to remain in the heightened frequency, the greater your gifts will be.

Doorway of Blessings

This is an offering, a blessing you may wish to repeat as often as you wish, to help you embrace the opportunities upon you…

“I choose to align with the loving and abundant frequency of my Soul. I also accept the abundance of gifts ready for me as I step forward into the destiny my heart has beckoned. I am grateful for all that has transpired, all that is and all that can be. So Be It”


November 20, 2017 Creating Your Reality Class Series continues with Class II. The video and notes for Class I is ready and on the website. If you would like to take this class, but couldn’t make it or prefer to view it in the comfort of your home, please click this link : CLASS I to purchase. This way, anyone who would like to join this class series can catch up before we move onto the next class.

Creating Your Reality – Class II 

November 20, 2017

The first step in changing your life is to understand the nature of energy. Everything is energy, manifested by you. Everything within your world is a reflection of the energetic vibrations you hold within yourself – your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, physical condition, memories, karmic lineage are producing your reality.

This class will focus upon:

  • The Nature of Energy
  • Law of Vibration
  • Law of Correspondence
  • Awareness of the energetic vibrations within the self
  • Changing the frequency of your body & minds vibrational blueprint

If you would like to join this series, each class will be available via video & notes for classes you may have missed. You must sign up to attend at: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com


Weekly Thursday evenings 7 – 9 pm, we gather to discuss a variety of issues that surround birthing our best reality into our lives. This is a  supportive and informative group. For more information, click: SHIFT  All are welcome to join us at anytime! You must sign up to attend at: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com

In Closing…

This month promises to be what you make of it. The responsibility is all yours….to embody joy, gratitude and love, or focus on the pains of the past. The past is done; don’t let it haunt you needlessly. It is time to responsibly resolve the past and let it go. Those who fail to do so are involved in the horrific events we still see today. Yes, humanity is still healing, but we must focus upon rising, not dwelling.

I have a very special Gift in my life. I have a beautiful granddaughter who reminds me of how precious each and every moment really is. Let’s all take time to notice the beauty, love and abundance that surrounds us and stay in the energy of gratitude….Always.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Greenleaf Happenings June 2017 – Coming Together



It’s been a very busy spring for me. It’s all good, as wonderful projects are flourishing and opportunities abound! It’s amazing what happens, when we get out of our own way! But when we do, the flood gates begin to open. The more we let go of what was, the reality our Soul has been preparing steps in. I will speak more about this in July during my speech at the upcoming Expo!


The overall sense that continues to grow more pervasive and paramount in our reality is the need to unite. As we continue to evolve who we are and who we are becoming, we will find that cooperation and joining forces will be vital to our forward movement.

We are growing into our authentic truth, and within that truth is unity, connection, Oneness.  The only support our ego’s reality will receive is from the lower vibrating reality of which it resides. However, as our true essence emerges within each one of us, we sense that things are very different. What’s different you ask? Well, for starters we will feel the support of the Universe or Creation when we think in terms of joining talents, space and/or experience with others. We will also feel an increased surge of warmth that comes from within our heart, when we reach out to others and support them in ways that are not selfish, but feels right. If we give into to these feelings or urges without analyzing them in our mind, we will grow in ways our mind has yet to understand. The more we trust that very real feeling from within, the more we will see it take form in our outer reality.

Yes, you may have heard about the laws of creation/energy for many years, but now, there is a very thin line between understanding the concept and feeling this internal knowing of how creation works.

When we let go of what we think we know, including our judgments and need to be right – the leap forward is smaller than ever. This is because we are already within our evolved reality, but inside a little bubble that contains our old reality. This is where we witness extremes. These experiences include tremendous degrees of love and devastating experiences of an old world ending. The devastation is experienced because we are still holding on to what our mind thinks is normal and what is known.

The terror attacks are reflecting the relentless ego mind where twisted and distorted views and beliefs are surfacing for a reality check, as well as resolution and a release of what is so harmful to self and others.

It is so very important to not let your angry or fearful emotions linger. Instead, focus upon what is behind these feelings and heal them.  If you need assistance, I am available.


Tuesday, June 20 at 11:24 pm CDT we cross another threshold along our sojourn. The summer solstice is an additional doorway and opportunity to experience and feel the magic of Nature and Creation surge forth from within. When you allow these sensations to surface, hold onto that power and begin using it by directing it toward your goals. Recommit, visualize the finished result and get excited. Your passion provides tremendous fuel for the formation of your dreams.

As we begin to follow the sun in the shortening of days, we are preparing for the next stage of our journey. Still building, growing and weeding the garden of our dreams it is also important to be in the moment. Whether you are moving into the summer or winter months, it is time to begin slowing down and appreciating what we have already accomplished and our loved ones we hold dear. The reality of our Soul requires balance. This is part of the Mastery we must obtain as our manifestations show up faster and faster.

Maintaining ones balance is achieved when we remember to return to Center. Within my meditation classes, this is a common theme. To visualize this, see yourself sitting in the center of a wagon wheel. You are the hub and the spokes represent the different areas and people in your life. When we ground ourselves within the hub of our wheel of life, we feel a peace and a mastery that begins to take hold. It is important to not let these areas in your life pull you out of your hub and out of this balance. It is equally important to maintain your boundaries with the people in your life. You need time to fill yourself with the essence and music of your Soul, because it allows you to show up fully for others and for yourself.

One of my projects! I am co-sponsoring & creating this exciting event!

This is a public event for those who wish to explore various holistic alternatives towards healing on many levels. There are many paths toward truth, healing and being. This Expo provides an arena for information, exploration, education, coming together and fun.

We are providing speakers, practitioners, readers, entertainment and vendors! Looks like we are also adding Raffles! All are welcome to spend the day at this exciting event! Please sign up for updates about this expo by visiting our website: AllThingsWellnessExpo.com.

I will be speaking from 11:45 am – 12:45 pm. The title of my presentation is “Breaking Barriers & Claiming Your Destiny!” I hope to enlighten and inspire you with my words of experience and the Knowing of my Soul, which speaks louder and louder everyday! Seating is limited, so please sign up by prepaying.


Discounts are available if you prepay for entry fees and events. Be sure to reserve your spot for the wonderful events we have lined up – seating is limited. Payment Page


We are still looking for volunteers to help us with various jobs throughout the day of the Expo. Please let me know if you are interested.

Please share this event with everyone you know! Let’s come together, let’s unite!

A Gift from Me to You:

In Closing…

This is an exciting time, if you allow it to be. Moving into our evolved reality is as simple as letting go. When we allow our Soul to step forward, we unite with this greater truth of who we really are. The only way fear can exist is if we let it. By dwelling in what was, we rob ourselves of what IS.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf, DD, ORDM, CRMT

Transformational Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Author




Greenleaf Happenings March 2017 – Breaking Point of Liberation

March? What can I say? We’ve been up, we’ve been down, I’ve even started wearing a frown!

We’ve had an intense beginning this month as the eclipses of February’s far reach slapped us on the hinny while we tip toed into March, as we found we could not hide. Eclipses are always preparing us for something greater as we move deeper into the next stages. March; 3/2017 = 4. The energy of the number 4 is hard work and new foundations! These new foundations must now be deliberate and built upon community, connection and respect for all. However, before a new foundation is laid, the old must be dismantled, removed and transformed.

Everything is being reshaped in a myriad of ways, as we’ve been experiencing a great deal of change that is only intensifying in both joy and pain. The birth process into a new reality and creation is the most arduous process we could ever experience.  Just as we witness the joyous birth of a beautiful child – the labor of deliverance is extremely painful, yet it has within it, joy as its core. Each child born is a union of the opposites and matching components presented within his or her parents. This is what we are experiencing and birthing as individuals during an integration of all that is separate, yet also one.

Even though this is a 1 year, which represents a new cycle – it also represents the Oneness of which we are. It is also what our new cycle and reality is based upon. For this to happen – all that is separate, within and without must unite.

Polarity Integration

Some of you have heard about polarity integration. But many have not – so with this in mind, or not…from dark to light, up to down, forward then back, frustration to joy, fear to love….back and forth we go. This way, no that way, don’t forget me, love me too, peek-a-boo. Now you see me, oops, now you don’t. Can’t you find me or your way about? There I am, as are you, could it be… I am you?

This evolving reality we have been experiencing for the last 12,000+ years is based upon duality. To create a dualistic reality, there had to be opposites…polar opposites. In fact, the poles which this planet rotates upon represent our earthly energetic core in more ways than one. For instance, the pole of this earth maintains this planets polarity and unity. Each polar extreme is frozen (*symbolic of stillness with many treasures held within) and shares the same qualities in as many ways they are also different, yet forever linked – united through the core of this planet. We are also united within the core of one another as well as our expanded truth while we also hold varying degrees of perception, knowledge and wisdom.

When the poles of this earth change, you can bet we are changing too. The changes we are now experiencing is a reintegration or reunion of all that we thought was separated during our dualistic experience. The expanded *knowledge which we also separated from, as it was hidden from sight and mind is also erupting to the surface.  This is why there is a lot of movement and attention at our South Pole. Much was hidden in this region by highly evolved Beings before humanity fell into the darkness of separation and duality. The South Pole represents our base chakra – our physical reality and tribal/primal or original truths, which have been awakening.

As what was once separated, now reuniting; we are feeling, sensing, seeing many perceptions as if they are someone else’s, yet it is us who is having the experience. This uniting of separated (dualistic) energies however confusing is a fusion of sorts, yet it is not imprisonment. Each Soul who chose to experience this changing reality understood what had to take place – there was, nor ever have been force. The seemingly forceful experiences are due to karmic resolutions and healing.

New Season of Change

As everything is revealed during polarity integration, we also enter earth’s threshold to seasonal change. This month we move into the energy of birth with the Spring Equinox or its opposite Autumn Equinox, depending on where you live. Keep in mind, we are One with the Earth we call home – we reflect and are intimately connected to the changes within nature, earth, as well as ourselves. Since the seasons are opposite, according to where we live along the earth’s poles we also experience the same shift in cycles more intently as we integrate what we believe to be separate within ourselves. Within the point of separation, we also experience a union as the birth of new realizations and foundations. In addition we also release old beliefs and creations that no longer fit who we have become.

In Closing…

Our evolution is within the acceptance of all of who we are, as individuals and as the whole of humanity, earth and the universe.  When we experience the sparks of confrontation, it would benefit us greatly, to step into the stillness within, for expanded understanding of what is really happening. After all, we always have been and will forever be . . .One.

As I feel the time is right, I will continue to reveal more information regarding our polar connection and the advanced Beings associated with these regions and this part of our awakening process.

If you are in need of guidance or assistance during these trying times, please contact Carolyn via email: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com to arrange a session.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Transformational Life Coach, Teacher, Author & Speaker



Facing Your Fears

March 24, 2017, 7 – 9 pm, Cary IL

You must sign up by 3/19/17 to reserve your spot!

This class is about the fears that prevent your forward movement and the consequences of these fears. You will learn how you developed most of your fears, where they come from, what happens when you give into these fears and how you can resolve them while you reclaim the lost pieces of yourself. These lost pieces are the denied facets of you that became shrouded within your confusion, anger and fear. Information Link

$26.00 *Sign up at carolyn@greenleafhealing.com


Guided Healing Meditation class  

Information link

March Theme: Release & Renewal!

Weekly Wednesday evenings: March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2017 @ 6 – 7 pm at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL $11 *Sign up at carolyn@greenleafhealing.com

March 3, 2017 @ 7-8 pm at Options 4 Health in McHenry IL $11 *Sign up with Sandy at: sandy@myoptions4health.com

Ascenshands-around-the-world1-300x292ion Hour

Information link

March Theme: Release & Renewal – Journeys!

Weekly Wednesday evenings: March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2017 @ 7:15– 8:15 pm at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL  $11.00 *To ensure your spot, place sign up at carolyn@greenleafhealing.com


I’ve added a new reading called Yearly Report. This is a window into what you are dealing with in the current year. Life Cycles Reading helps you understand the on going cycles that influence your entire life. Name Readings and Who You are in Numbers both help you with self discovery, but both have different views/layers which together can create a pretty full look into who you are. Please contact Carolyn with any questions or to schedule a reading.

Yearly Reports

Information Link

By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL



synesthesiaName Readings  

Information Link

By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL

By appointment only, every 2nd & 4th Saturday and every Tuesday beginning at 12:30 pm at Options 4 Health, McHenry IL


Nature-FantasyTree1 (2)Life Cycles Reading 

Information Link

By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL



Who you Are in Numbers 

Information Link

By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL


Greenleaf Happenings February 2017 – Birth Canal

Oh My! Is this really happening? Again? When will it end?!

Many of you may be asking these questions as uncomfortable feelings and situations have been surfacing for the past few weeks. We have been moving through a massive purging – one that effected me to the point of not being able to connect well enough to write. Hence this late newsletter and absence of my Inspirational quotes. After all, I am also having a human experience, walking through these changes with you, as all Teachers do.

When one cycle ends and another begins there is always an overlapping that forces us to release what no longer serves us as we also taste the sweetness of our new home. In a way, we are in a birth canal, experiencing the labor pains that are squeezing and pushing us from all sides.

He Said – She Said What?!#

As usual, major events are designed to trigger these responses and produce upheaval within the deepest recess of our psyche. This time, it was the election. The anger and a whole slew of other emotions and deep ancient memories woke up. The divisive nature of the US election reflected the moments where the roots of separation formed as a whole (from our state of Oneness) and as individuals. With it came tentacles of fear that created self doubts, confusion and anger.

This has created an excavation within every cell of our physical body as the densest of our yesteryears are rooted out and the Light of our Soul fills the empty cavities. Into the bone we go so we may transform our physical body to match our new reality of higher frequency and being.

As with all cleansings, one level affects all the rest. The changes on our physical level begin a chain reaction into our etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of self and vise versa. What happens to one aspect of us, affects all.

As we are at the threshold of a grand experience opening for us, we also have to move through this anger, fear, pain and memories that kept us from our greater truth so we may now move into the New Cycle now open to us.


Last night, I decided to take a shamanic journey to ascertain some answers to the overload of negative emotions I was experiencing.   In this journey, I came face to face with a large hooded serpent that was similar to my size.  There was no fear, rather an acceptance of what was and what will always be. I then swallowed the entire serpent – a reunion of what was once separated. The serpent is an ancient teacher of great wisdom. However, when we created this dualistic/ego based reality, our Divine Truths became distorted as the experience of separation took place. Everything we fear now becomes our salvation. When we stop running and realize – we are one. The separated sense of self is our own doing, as we believed the ego’s view of the dualistic world we also created.

As we are moving through this immense healing stage, it is helpful to remember – we are One. Everything, everyone we have an issue with, we must awaken and heal these divisions. It is helpful to repeat this phrase “I am you, you are me.” Saying this has helped me move past my own egos judgment or need to condemn.

We have been coming full circle for many years, through karmic cleansings, tremendous purging of the past, recalibrating as we move deeper into our Awakening. The Universe has communicated through various forms, channels and teachers what was happening. Now, there is no more time to run and hide from the internal healing that must take place. Everything has been churned up so that we can see it, feel it and realize “I must resolve and heal this now.” We cannot take the low vibrating thoughts, beliefs and wounds of the past into the enhanced and brilliant reality we’ve been moving toward.

The old Souls who have been healing not only their own family (Soul & physical) lineages, are also healing multiple levels of humanities past, nature’s wounds and the residuals that permeate our planet. It is a bombardment of emotions, thoughts, memories and physical pain as the cells of our physical body and earth’s body releases everything holding us down. All ego densities have to go. For this, we must stop running, ignoring or suppressing all this “stuff” that’s surfacing. This chaos is the dismantling of everything that has held us to the old reality.

Eclipses of Salvation!

We are about to experience some divine and astrological assistance.   February 10, 2017 at 4:34 -8:53 pm CDT we will experience a very powerful and beneficial Lunar Eclipse in Leo’s Full Moon.

The alignment of planets during this Eclipse forms a Pentagram within a Rectangle. This will assist our internal cleansings on every level of our being as we enter this gateway and stand in the Fires of Leo’s domain. Courage will be rewarded as we release our resistance toward healing our internal divisions and transform what no longer serves us.

It is important to keep our eyes on the prize during this time. Our dreams are waiting for us, but we have to be willing to let go – completely so we may fall apart only to be reassembled like a new, upgraded version of who we are ready to be.

For more information about the Lunar Eclipse, you may wish to read: Lunar Eclipse 10 February 2017 Practical Magic by Jamie Partridge

We also have a New Moon Solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26, 2017. Pisces is the 12th house of the zodiac of Unity and Christ Consciousness. This energy moves us into a higher enlightened state of being and perception. What a wonderful way to begin our new line up of eclipses as we also step into a physical reality that will increasingly resemble the reflection of our Heart & Soul.


The Trinity of You

February 24, 2017 @ 7-9 pm

In this class, we will discuss the Masculine and Feminine aspects of self – their importance, functions and energetic components that create or block our abundance and balance. We will also utilize the information about the Inner Child, which is the unifying component. You will discover what happens when this union or Trinity takes place. More Information

This class will finish up the series upon which my book “Re-Entering Eden” is based upon.


Mediation & Ascension Hour

Weekly Wednesdays @ 6-8 pm in Cary IL

(Meditation only) Every first Friday @ 7-8 at Options 4 Health in McHenry

These valuable classes help individuals reconnect, ground and heal in a number of ways. Always educational, compassionate and supportive of each students path.

Meditation Link & Ascension Hour Link

You must sign up before attending these classes.

In closing…

Every aspect and level of the Universe is on our side – helping us in every way. It’s difficult to believe this when we are in the mists of pain, but that is precisely the time when we are being cradled in the loving arms of Creation.

As always, I am available to assist you through coaching, counseling, energetic healing and readings. I know how important understanding and support are during these times of turmoil – I am here for you.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf



Greenleaf Happening October 2016 – Enhanced Connection

carolyn-m-greenleaf-convergence-10-2016Hello Everyone!

Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to leave the crazy happenings of September behind? I know I am!

As difficult as September was for most, Libra should balance the scales as supporting energies and opportunities alleviate the traumatic feelings, experiences and tiredness. September was an opportunity for us to deal with suppressed and unconscious internal issues that hold us back. As we continue to move into October, we will experience relief. We will be able to breathe a little easier because of the internal transformation we achieved in September. This month, we will also get some glimpses or sense what is opening for us in our new year. The need to understand the Soul is also of great importance now. This is why I am offering a class later this month, to help know, connect, and embrace this powerhouse, waiting for acceptance.

Hit & Run

The ascension process that began many years ago has only strengthened in momentum and moved us forward, whether we were consciously on board with this or not. Each of us agreed and knew what would happen – on the Soul level. Still, doing the work and healing required to reach our Soul’s goal of full embodiment has been at times gut wrenching, terrifying and exhausting. Yet, deep within we recognize the sacredness of this very powerful journey. Often times, we also feel and experience the gift that this evolving process brings.

We knew September would be a dozy! However, I am an optimist and hoped I had done enough internal work, granting me a pass – NOT! September is the ninth month in a nine year (2+0+1+6 = 9). 9 is the energy of transformation. The story of the Phoenix is the best way I can describe this transformative experience. The Phoenix knows it must die to who it was, so it can experience who it has become. Each time the Phoenix is reborn, it rises from the ashes of its experiences and sense of self. The ashes create the nourishment and fertile foundation to birth a grander experience through choice and acceptance of who or what the Phoenix has the capacity to Be.


Within every physical life experience, there is a challenge created as we enter the physical realm with a body and mind that is new to the experience. The physical body and mind are compelled to know and match the frequency of its greater Soul Self. Always an internal beacon guides the physical being to find its Self. As we honor this journey and accept the lessons the ego provides, we find ourselves at our destination.

We are always in a state of becoming when we enter the physical world. Each wrong direction or choice will ultimately help us find ourselves. When we don’t allow our circumstances to repress or hold us back, our physical body and mind begins to evolve. Each time we overcome an obstacle, we grow our confidence and sense of worthiness. Even though we know there is something very powerful about whom we really are, all aspects of our physical self must grow into this truth.

Creation, as well our Soul, Guides and Angels arrange the lessons needed and the opportunities to heal the traumas that came along with these lessons. This healing is the gift transformation energies provide. The entire year has been about finishing up and letting go of the past so we can experience a rebirth. This rebirth creates the opening of new experiences that will be on a grander scale.

Why? Because we are ready. We have achieved enough recognition of our greater Soul Selves and willingness to walk and live in the bigger shoes of our Soul. Not only will we be more conscious of our choices, we will know that the outcome of what we do affects others. We will feel the embrace of the Oneness of which we are part. We will experience a deep internal knowing that will be beyond words.

The harsh energies of this month actually were a tremendous gift, as we were shook, scrubbed and pounced on until we  energetically regurgitated the foreign thought forms, memories and beliefs of our past. The transformation was so intense our physical bodies became exhausted.


September’s transformational energy of clean up and out came with preparation for the new we are about to experience. We are being prepared for the next stage of Soul embodiment. The increased experience of being ungrounded and in part, the physical exhaustion was related to the physical changes our body needs to make to handle the enhanced degree of Soul energy.

Every level of our body is changing. As we embody more and more of our Souls essence, our vibratory rate increases, drawing up anything that holds you down. This process is difficult for the physical body, as we begin to feel very aged, due to the density of our physical form. This density is what has been transforming – it is the density of the old world of thought and experience.

This month, we will begin to feel lighter. This “lightness” is very perceptive to the Soul energy of others and to the loving essence and connection of Creation. Within this higher vibratory level, we begin to absorb the knowledge of the Soul, instead of the ego self. The less we fight the changes, the quicker we will enjoy a healthier, more vibrant and youthful quality within our bodies.

Part of our new experience is uniting with the Oneness. The Soul is connected to the web of every aspect of Creation. A deep sense of belonging, support and unconditional acceptance and love will become a greater part of our life. We need to understand our Soul’s deep and intimate connection with life now.

~ Classes ~


Soul & Ego – Awareness of Self

October 21, 2016 @ 7 – 9 pm

Must sign up by 10/17/16

During times of change, we often feel a battle raging within the self. Many experience feelings of pain, confusion, anger and sorrow. These difficult feelings and the experiences that accompany them can actually reveal much more than once realize – they offer us a way towards freedom.

We will discuss these aspects of the “false” ego self and the “true” Soul Self and how they affect our lives. It is important to understand the situations and confusion that the ego tends to create and why they are valuable. More Information


Meditation Class

Meditation classes are designed to help students return to the internal wisdoms and connection of their Soul through the gateway of their heart. My inward, heart based meditations help to ground ones energy back into the physical body, where the vehicle of experience is informed and transformed. When aligning with the wisdom of the Soul from within, the mind and body change and heal.   Information Link

Weekly evening classes are offered at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL and weekly morning classes are available at Options for Health in McHenry IL.


Ascension Hour

These valuable classes provide additional information and support for the transformation happening in our inner and outer worlds. We talk about the energies influencing our awakening process and touch on many subjects to enhance understanding and alleviate fear and resistance toward what our Soul is guiding us toward. This is an open and flowing format where questions are answered, experiences shared and support is given. This month, we will talk about the differences in dimensions, as we are now in the doorway of the fifth Dimensional experience. Information Link

Weekly evening classes are offered at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL and weekly morning classes are available at Options for Health in McHenry IL.

Online Ascension Hour will soon be available!

For those who cannot attend these classes in person, I am in the process if setting up a live video classroom, where participants can share in discussions and ask questions. There will be an $11 cost for each class. I hope to be up and running by middle of this month. If you are interested, contact me at: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com .

In Closing…

Enjoy the reprieve this month. Open your heart to the possibilities that are coming your way and say YES! Yes, to your divine journey and the fruits of your labor, lessons and tremendous growth. The astrological happenings are supporting your process of change, as well as all aspects of Creation.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


May 2016 – Greenleaf Happenings ~ Surrendering to Unseen Blossoms


The month of May will be a time of growth and movement on all fronts. Things you thought were lost will suddenly show up for some of you. However, some things you thought were sure to be, will not. Much of this guessing game is due to the five planets retrograding all at the same time. This is a time of reshaping your paths, foundations and choices – it is a time to get real with what your heart and Soul has in store for you. Where you were playing small, you will be ousted in exchange for the bigger stage that is in alignment with your power and greater abilities.

No matter which way the pendulum is swinging in your life – be it with or against your path and choices, be conscious. For yourself and others, anything that is not moving you toward the beat of your Soul will be up for review. The best way to move through these trying times is to flow with them and let them flow through you. Release your resistance toward what must surface, what must end and what must begin. There is some wonderful information in Dana Mrkich’s article “Five planets retrograde – time to clean house and power up.”

Bloomin’ Doorways

For those of you who are experiencing spring – this is a time of beginnings. It is equally important that you notice the blossoms in your life as well as your ideas in need of blooming. The ideals in which create new and better pathways for yourself and others will be vying for your notice. Pay attention, which is what the retrograding planets will force you to do. Willing participants will move through much quicker than those who refuse to give up the ghost and change.

Those experiencing autumn, you are in the harvesting stages as well as projecting what to seed during the winter months. You will need to examine your seeds. Are you preparing for the path you are destined to travel or are you creating another detour?

The Big Stage

This is also a 5 numeric month, indicating change. However, May plus 2016 (5+9) = 14/5. The one and the four unite within the five. In Ancient Cabala, it is Kether (unity and the gates of heaven) join with the Divine (True) Masculine in Chesed to create a union of Spirit and Soul with the Divine (True) Feminine in Gevurah.

This is regarding reaching further in your physical, human experience. It is about opening to what is now possible. The bigger stage in which you are destined for is opening for you. This is your new pathway that will bring you to the new and expanded heights your heart has always yearned for. You will do this not only for yourself, but for others who need you to provide this doorway so they too can move forward.

The Big Stage is an even larger entry than before, into our New Reality that is based upon the Oneness of which we are. We are moving into an experience of heart based unity and community.

There are new blossoms that are about to open in your life, but you will miss them if you do not release your restrictive views and energies of the past. These planets in retrograde are helping you to finally let go of your old limitations that have prevented you from seeing or experiencing new possibilities. The doorways that are about to open cannot be perceived with your mind yet, but your heart will recognize and rejoice.


Meditation Classes & Ascension Hour

I have consolidated the two classes I have been teaching at Greenleaf Healing. Thursday morning classes are now merged with the Wednesday evening class. These classes are continuing as usual, but they will only be offered on Wednesday evening’s beginning at 6 pm.

I am also teaching these classes every first and third Fridays at Options 4 Health in McHenry from 7 pm – 9 pm.

Tuesday Classes

I am taking a little hiatus from teaching monthly Tuesday classes over the summer so I can work on my new book, “The Art of Transformation.”

New Product!

Essiac Tea is now available! I began using Essiac Tea several years ago through a friend who was packaging and selling it. This tea made such a difference for me, as it balanced my digestive system and helped my body release toxins and come back into a healthy flow of energy.

During moments of change and transformation in our lives, our bodies become confused and can hold onto old energies that become toxic. This happens because our bodies are conditioned to hold onto the past, just as our mind does. This is ego programming, which is in a state of transformation. As we chose to let go of the past and move forward, we have to assist the body in doing the same.

I used this tea for approximately a year before my friend discontinued her business. Now that we are moving into such intense shifting in order to release the past, I thought it was time to start using the Essiac Tea again. I also felt that what I am doing to help myself, I would like to share with others. Hence, I began my own research and found the information, tools and products I needed to get this Tea for myself and others.

This is a gentle detoxer that has been documented to heal individuals of cancer. This is an extreme case of the effectiveness of this tea when taken in high doses, but it is also a gentle cleaner and balancer when taken daily in small doses. Only a ¼ cup per day will keep your body happy by maintain a healthy scenario where unimpeded energy flow is achieved.

I have packaged this Tea in large tea bags, measuring 1 oz (1/4 cup) of Essiac Tea. This amount of Tea will produce 1 quart of Essiac Tea that will last for 2 weeks when using a ¼ cup dosage per day. More Information about Essiac Tea

Each bag of Essiac Tea is $6.00 and is available at Greenleaf Healing in Cary. I can also mail this Tea, but will need to charge the postage fees.  If you would like to order this Tea, please contact me at carolyn@greenleafhealing.com.

Name Readings Special!!!

I am offering Name Readings for $60.00 instead of $100.00 for an hour reading. This is only available through Greenleaf Healing via in person, phone or Skype. This is a limited time offer and expires May 21, 2016.

Name Readings are an intricate and deep look into the energy of who you are.  The Soul of each individual chose specific names that could ultimately reconnect them with their Divine Truth and Identity.  More information about Name Reads


I am also available to provide inspirational speeches or talks to groups interested in creating healthy changes from the inside out. Please contact me at carolyn@greenleafhealing.com if interested. More Information about Speaking

In Closing . . .

This is a time to embrace, not run. Surrender to the fires of transformation by releasing your fears of change and the implications your mind remembers from the past. The only way to experience the dreams your Soul has lined up for you is by trusting in what your Divine Heart knows. Have faith in your Soul and the Guides and Angels who are your support team: they bring to you what is needed in order to heal, resolve and move forward into your destined and Divine Reality.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Greenleaf Happenings – March 2016 ~ Inspired Beginnings & Mending Loose Ends


March will be an active and exciting month that will usher in many changes as another doorway into a limitless future calls us forward. This month’s Eclipses bring our attention to what is in need of repair and balance to earn the key that unlocks the new doors provided.  Imagination is the red carpet that will roll out the pathway toward our hearts desires. This is always an exciting time of year as Springs new birth surrounds us and reflects our own growth in many ways.

Magic is in the air with this month’s energy of the 3 (3+2+0+1+6 = 12/3). Uniting the Inspirational, motivated and playful essence of the 3 with it’s perfect partner in Pisces this month, plenty of the imaginative and mystical urgings within our Heart and Soul will capture our attention. Pisces helps us turn inward in pursuit of what we have failed to grasp in our outer world; this is well aligned with the happy childlike energy of the 3. The time in Pisces will be magnified by the New Moon and Eclipse March 8th, as an enhanced sense of self and internal power awakens with our first Solar Eclipse of the year.

The New Moon signals a time for new ideas and seeds to be planted along the theme of what this Eclipse triggers.  The Eclipse will expand the energy of Pisces along the wings of change as we begin to see and realize what was within us all the time – a deeper truth. Now, ideas of how we can utilize our expanded Truth will set the stage as this year unfolds.

Those with powerful positions/aspects within the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel these effects very deeply as unconscious issues in need of change began to unearth weeks prior as we have been inching closer to the Eclipse. As our New Moon reveals what cannot be overlooked, an unexpected chain of events opens the way for change to enter our lives.

This month also brings with it tremendous opportunities to heal the illusive issues within. Conjunct Pisces is south node (the past) and Chiron (old wounds). In other words, old wounds created from the past will be exposed or triggered. This will be a call to heal on very deep levels as the consequences of our actions or inactions are revealed. Keep in mind; the roots of these behaviors are in the past, probably the ancient past. Look at some of the movies out now about Egypt, Jesus and of course our galactic connections in Star Wars have also resurged. These are clues of what is happening on the deepest levels of our consciousness, as we touch these powerful times in our history in order to trigger what we still need to resolve.

This is a highly sensitive time, with tremendous possibility to heal and grow, or to do more harm.  Therefore, do not be reactive! Take your time to internalize what is really going on, what is really wrong. It will be much more profound than you realize, therefore, it will not be obvious or surfacy – it will reveal something deep within yourself. However, the New Moon is about fresh starts and Pisces will help you imagine and perceive what this new beginning might be.  If you take advantage of these opportunities to heal, you will experience a new level and enhanced sense of self, opening the gate wide to step into something very new and special.

Circle of Completion

The Full Moon this month may initiate a sense of preparedness to shed old relationships or ways of being as something else draws you into a different direction. Yet, some of these relationships may actually be reborn as the Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 23rd emphasizes the need for balance, equality and respect. The issues that surface within your relationships will not be about the other person, it will be about the imbalances within you. Have you been fully responsible for your choices and actions? Are you blaming others? What are your weaknesses within your relationships?  Are you to trusting when you should be discerning and protecting yourself?

Look for abandonment and betrayal issues to surface as family and friends tap deep fears beneath a layer of protective and defensive anger. Clue: it will not be directly related to them or the issue that triggered the buried problem, so be careful and instead of reacting in haste and anger, take time to examine what is really going on within you. Passive issues, problems with excess or self pity may be triggered for change and resolution too.

Keep in mind, this entire year is about transformation (endings & new beginnings) and now, these Eclipses begin to reveal what is on the agenda this year and what is about to change. This is very deep work and will not be resolved overnight; but your commitment and resolve to repair the broken road within will bring the needed insights and opportunities to heal and grow in many ways. This is what must take place for the arrival of something very new with an enhanced expression of joy to be experienced.

Classes & Workshops

Class - Symbols from the Soul

Symbols from the Soul – Class

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 @ 7 – 9 pm

In this class, you will learn how to tap into the knowledge within the symbolism’s your Soul uses to communicate through. This class will enhance your awareness and sharpen your intuitive Knowings. Information link. $26/20 (Clients)


Raising From the Ashes – Class

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 @ 7 – 9 pm

Why do we have so much trouble letting go of what was?

This class is about seeing your life through the perspective of your Soul, so you can finally rise into the life your heart yearns for. As parts of the past keep popping up, it is telling you, you are still forgetting something. . . Forgiveness. We will discuss why it is so difficult to fully forgive and release the past and what we need to know in order to succeed with this final piece.  Information link$26/20 (Clients)


Sacred Nature, Sacred You – Workshop

Saturday April 23, 2016 at 9 am – 4:30 pm

This Workshop is designed to help individuals understand, reconnect and heal their sacred relationship with an essential aspect of themselves… nature. Students will discover that there is no real separation between themselves and their natural world, that in fact they are One. This is a Shamanic style workshop which includes several journeys. Information link. $125, includes lunch and snacks


Clearing Your Way

Tuesday March 22, 2016 7 – 8:30 pm

Ongoing Opportunities to Clear the Past

This ongoing Class will give students the opportunity to continue resolving, healing and releasing their personal, family and historical past. This opportunity is offered every 4th Tuesday of the month. Each class will be different as it will focus upon the common issues that are surfacing for everyone and will also provide expand ways of healing and releasing your past. Information link. $20/$15 (clients) If new to this ongoing class, you must arrive at 6:30 for instruction; cost is an additional $6.00

heart-chakra-colors (1)

Meditation Classes – Ongoing

Weekly Wednesday’s, Thursdays & 1st, 3rd Fridays 

These guided meditation classes are heart based and designed to reconnect students with their innermost self and their life, to recognize the beauty that has always existed. This assists individuals to notice life’s true wonders and discover a greater sense of joy. Information link. See Events Calender for times and locations


Ascension Hour – Ongoing

Weekly Wednesday’s, Thursdays  & 1st, 3rd Fridays 

An evolution has been taking place, bringing amazing realizations and awakenings through what has been termed, the Ascension. We will have a topic of focus which we will discuss, then an opportunity to share experiences and issues involved with the changes you are experiencing.  There will also be an offering of solutions that will help alleviate the fears and symptoms of these changes. Information link. See Events Calender for times and locations

Available Personal Readings


Name Reads

This reading can help trigger your inner knowing and open the doors to reconnect with your Soul’s deeper wisdoms. The information within this reading can also help you understand yourself a little better as it reveals why you do the things you naturally do. Information link.

Who you are in Numbers

This numeric report and reading provides information that can enhance your journey of discovery. The date of your birth along with your birth name and name changes sheds light on many aspects of the self, including areas of difficulty and challenge, as well as your innate strengths and talents. Information link.

Nature-FantasyTree1 (2)Cycles of Your Life

A report and reading that encompasses the various cycles at play in your life. These cycles are laid out in order of significance and influence. You will begin to understand how these cycles interact throughout the span of your life. Information link.

In Closing

During this 3 universal month, along with the energy of Pisces, tremendous inspiration and new ideas for expansion and change are sure to amaze. This is a month that promises tremendous potential, with opportunities for growth and deep healing needed to open the door for movement into different, exciting and unexpected directions. What we have been asking for is here, but the only way to experience our hearts desires is by stepping up to the plate. Whatever unfinished business that needs tending will be in our face. Whatever we no longer need, will be out of here. Whatever we are ready and open to receive, will be ours.

No matter what faces you this month, you can overcome it. Whatever touches your heart, you can achieve it. You have never been given something you cannot grow through and you have always been deserving of what your heart truly desires. Believe and have faith in your own strength and eternal wisdom that dwells deep within.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Greenleaf Happenings – December 2015 ~ A Time to Celebrate!


A new era is about to begin; as we end this year, and prepare for the new. . .

We are in the process of releasing much of our past as a great doorway opens. Our relationship to all in our world will be questioned as the Golden Light of Divine Truth shines upon us to reveal what is precious and everlasting.

Numerically, December 2015 (12 + 2015) is an 11 month. 11 is a Master Number and indicates an opening into the inspirational and spiritual views and values that initiate an inner drive for divine truth and action.

In other words, the Divine inspiration within your inner world is ready to shine and express the loving and brilliant essence of your Soul. It is a time to have faith in your Soul and its communication through inspiration and intuition.

The energy of 11 also opens a Divine gateway that will unite with the shift of darkness into light on December 22, 2015 – the Winter Solstice. This time is historically known in the Northern Hemisphere as the return of the Sun and Light. This Solstice opens the lengthening of days and moments of light. The winter solstice, (12 + 22 + 2015) becomes a 33 day. 33 is another master number indicating the emergence of Divine, unconditional love, compassion and unity.

Also, within the date of this Solstice, the 22 is another master number. 22 directs our divine truth to birth new foundations that are based upon what is true within our heart. As we align with our inner world – heaven forms its foundations upon earth as we accept and embody our Souls truth into our lives.

The ancients understood this time of the winter solstice as the reawakening of nature or Yule. Many have also compared the return or rebirth of the suns light with the reentrance of the Son of God…

Return of the Sun – Return of the Light

The return of the Elohim – Suns of God/Goddess. These Masters of Divine Seed and Light have made their return and have been here for some time. They too have been awakening to their true purpose and power. This doorway of the 11, with the support of the 22 and 33 will allow the Elohim to illuminate our world in ways they could not before. These Suns (Sons & Daughters) of Creation have held humanities divine inheritance, until a time when humanity would no longer misuse this sacred power.

The balance of Shadow and Light has truly shifted in very deep and profound ways. The behaviors of the ego have no more true power as the Ways of Love shine through and Light our path forward.

When we focus upon what we feel within our heart, we know this is true.

Walking through the Fire

As we find ourselves saturated with these higher frequencies of energy and Light, all that no longer serves us is reducing to ashes. This is a time for patience and kindness of self and others. The Shadows formed by our ego selves no longer have a place in our world.

The constant increase of Light that has entered our world from Creation heralds the awakening of the Light we hold within our Divine Hearts. The beliefs and experiences of our past that did not exemplify our Heart and Souls truth will surface for release, until all that is left is the wisdom we have earned through those experiences.

Even though we feel the wonderful Highs and Joy this Divine Light brings, we must also contend with the painful emotions that surfaces within each one of us. When we recognize that the negativity we feel is only the past in need of resolution and/or release, and then surrender the outdated past, we are freed.

However, as we have witnessed, those who hold on to this reemergence of anger, pain and vengeance, recreate their ancient past. The terrorism we see today is the past that is back to haunt them. As we hook into the fear and negativity these events trigger within – we too can become trapped within this dramatic dance of the ego. But, we can also see this as an opportunity to release what haunts us. Surrender what was, and embrace what is. By moving into the truth within our heart, we feel the embrace of Creations Love and align with the Joyous expression of our Soul. This conscious shift of energy from the low frequencies of negative emotions and thoughts into the high frequency of your Soul’s Divine Truth transforms the past. From the ashes new creations are born that embody the wisdom and love of the past.

And so, we grow . . .

The year 2015 (8) has been moving humanity through the paths and issues that stood in the way of aligning and uniting with our spiritual selves; so we may experience a new reality where heaven and earth are joined and balanced. The time of balance and equality of the Goddess and God has also commanded our attention as we healed their divisions within ourselves.

Even though we will continue to heal the wounds of our past, we have been preparing for our new year 2016. This will be the year where we truly rise from the ashes. This is a time to celebrate the rebirth of our sun as the light increases its presence in our life. By embracing this gateway we allow a new seeding to take place, which will form new roots for our future.


Gift Certificates now Available!

Need a unique Gift? Give someone the gift of inspiration and empowerment! These certificates can be applied toward name readings, sessions, classes or products.

Name Readings

Your name holds a tremendous amount of knowledge about who you are and what you are here to do, as it also connects you to your Souls expanded truth. These readings ignite internal awakenings as they spark the Light of remembrance.

Name Readings are available at Greenleaf Healing by appointment or at Evolve every Thursday 12:30 – 3 pm and most Saturdays 11 – 4 pm. Information link


Clearing your Way


Tuesday, 12/8/15 @ 7 – 9 pm in Cary IL

This class is about clearing the way so you may begin to experience your opening new reality on a deeper level. We will discuss and work with your personal blocks and your family’s karmic residuals that need realignment. Information link

$26 / 20 for clients


Enhancing Your Connection


Tuesday, 1/12/15 @ 7 – 9 pm in Cary IL

In This class, we will deepen your awakened state by expanding your connection with your Soul. We will work on the Bridge that leads you into your future…your Heart.

As we release the past, we are closing the door to a purely physical experience. The opening and activation of the Heart is your entry into the new reality that awaits your acceptance. This new reality is a union of physical and spirit through the embodiment of the Soul. Information link

$26 / 20 for clients

Meditation Classes

heart-chakra-colors (1)

Every Thursday @ 10 – 11 am & first Wednesdays @ 7 – 8 pm at Evolve

*I am considering holding evening meditation classes in Cary as well. Please let me know if you are interested.

These guided meditation classes are heart based and designed to reconnect students with their innermost self and their life, to recognize the beauty that has always existed. This assists individuals to notice life’s true wonders and discover a greater sense of joy. Information link


Ascension Hour


Every Thursday @ 11:15 – 12:15 pm at Evolve

The format of each class will reflect the Flowing nature of which our reality is evolving into.  This new reality is based upon the embodiment of the Soul. We will have a topic of focus which we will discuss, then an opportunity to share experiences and issues involved with the changes you are experiencing.  There will also be an offering of solutions that will help alleviate the fears and symptoms of these changes. Information link

By donation ($10 suggested)

Movie Night!

Peaceful Warrior

peaceful Warrior

12/11/15 @ 7 pm in Cary IL

Join us for movie, discussion & refreshments…

This powerful movie is based upon a true story. This is a story we all share, as it is about the breaking of who we were, so we can realize the true power and potential we have the ability to be and achieve.

“A warrior does not give up what they love; they find the love in what they do…”

Popcorn and refreshments will be provided.


In closing…

So much is happening right now. Gift yourselves one of the most precious gifts available to you….your conscious connection to the present, Now moment. Give yourselves permission to dance within the joy that encircles you when you reach within your heart. Remember to utilize the compassion of your heart and wisdom of your Soul as you interact with those around you. This becomes a wondrous time when we see beyond the Shadows of self and those of our world. Each one of us is a brilliant expression of Creation, and that can never change.

Abundant Blessings & Happy Holidays!

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Intense Labor & Joyous Delivery – November 2013


Hello Everyone!

First off – this newsletter is longer than usual, because it includes an Ascension update. Well worth the read, but you may need to take it in small bits. . .

Here we go again – ending old cycles, prepping for new as we get ready for 2014 to begin.

The creation of our lives has many intricate layers and stages that play out within specific cycles. Every cycle is designed to cultivate the healing, knowledge and wisdom necessary to obtain our life long goals. Each year we begin one of these cycles that are in part, prepared by all of the previous ones.

Anything left undone within your 2013 cycle will vie for your attention as this year draws to a close, attempting to ensure your readiness for what 2014 has in store for you.

The October & November eclipses, retro planets & alignments are events that pull your head out of the sand so you can’t escape the unresolved issues that may thwart your incoming cycle. Everything undone, including personal blocks is brought to your attention. We always save the best for last!

The issues we have buried or denied are actually the crème de la crème of our needed growth, strength and confidence, to successfully take on our upcoming year as we move closer to the future we know exists within our hearts.

This is a time to pay special attention to our physical & emotionally learned responses and change them. How do you deal with fear? If you respond by either running or hiding – you are enslaved. These fears haunt you until you change your response. When you gather the confidence & courage to stand up for your right to move forward toward your waiting dreams, the fears you used to run from dissipate, and release another piece of you that was trapped in the past.

Hard times are actually good times – they say “I dare you to claim your truth, I dare you to accept your power, I dare you to say yes to your dreams.”  You are on this earth to create your own reality.  When you accept this truth, you will see the issues of the past become stepping stones, through each year’s cycles that always set up the needed scenarios that push you to resolve what you’ve failed to understand in the past.  The doorway to your desired future is within…you.

Ascension update:


Can you feel it? The changes we’ve been seeking are becoming part of our reality in a very big way…..

Bare with me as I give you a little background synopsis, which is connected to these changes.


As I have written before, even though we are all from the same body of Oneness, each of us are also connected to specific areas within Creation where we feel changes taking place. I myself have my origins within Nature, and as such, I feel and see the issues and resulting changes within my own physical life as well as the higher dimensions where my Soul & Spirit work on behalf of the Oneness.

Part of my Souls purpose is to create a bridge for new physical realities to occur. These realities always reflect the will of the Oneness – in particular the chosen Souls who will inhabit and be responsible for the chosen reality.  Each reality begins within our Souls reality of Divine Oneness, and then it is altered by will of the realities group consciousness. However, each reality is always destined to return “Home” as various “awakenings” ascend everyone into a truer state of Being, along with the vast amounts of wisdom earned through the experiences.  This is a growth process that propels all individuals forward into an evolved state of consciousness as they align with their Souls reality. All levels of self; physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual transform as the changes take place.

When I serve as a “Bridge” I must enter the chosen reality at the beginning & end of its cycles. The beginning of this dualistic reality that is now ending was created by fragmenting the One Energy involved with this earth reality & humanity’s inception.  From 1, there become 12 divisions, also known as the 12 core creators. Each has different degrees of dark & light – they have always expressed themselves within our current reality and reflect their nature within the hours upon which we track time.

Approximately 12,000 years ago, the last stage of humanity’s growth cycle was set.  Full duality would throw humanity into the greatest degrees of darkness & light, thereby catapulting them into the awakening they agreed upon before inception took place. This duality was created by dividing each of the original 12 Creators. One of each pair would be on the earth plane, while the other would reside in the spiritual realm. The roots of humanity separated themselves, so their children could find themselves. The years of feeling incomplete, yearning and searching for their wholeness drove humanity to discover their own truth, strength and real power. Century after century, humanity began to find pieces of their truth as they found the courage to follow their Souls urgings, claim their voice and act through the wisdom within their heart. Each time a piece of humanity’s divine truth was discovered, the division between the original creators lessened. The children would unite their parents. This arrangement placed the responsibility for humanity’s growth and fulfillment of their prophecy completely in humanity’s own hands.

The rate at which the ascension would take place has always been up to humanity, not God. As for the 144,000 “Lightworkers,” they are the first descendants of the original 12 who agreed to assist the ascension process during the most critical junctures.

As mentioned in a previous article, during 2008-2009, the original 12 began to reunite; their earthly and heavenly counterparts began their reconnection. As this happened, the direction of energy this current reality was based upon, reversed. As the 12th hour pair united, they joined with the twosome at the 11th hour, as they continued to unite with the rest in a counter-clockwise motion. Each month consisted of another joining of the Core; until we reached the 1. The last pair that represents the 1st hour refused to join. The pair that represents the 1st hour is also the same energy who started humanity’s original division – Adam & Lilith. Humanity was still holding onto their deep grudges and misunderstandings that began long, long ago.  A stubborn reality that each one of us who walk this earth have been facing, as the last tendrils of rage toward injustice paired with arrogant aggression worked its way-out, through us.

The prophesied 12-21-2012 was not intended as a “date,” but rather, a moment. The 12 represents the sacred path of learning as One divided itself to create the course of a dualistic reality. 21 represents the return to our internal Oneness, and 2012 represents the reunion of the two circles or pairs of the original 12 Core Creators.

Where we are now

We have been waiting a long time, but in October, I received a very clear indication that the 1st hour’s stubborn ego was finally able to release its dueling past, and join the rest of the Core’s Reunion. After receiving the message, I watched and waited to see how long it would take to become evident within our physical reality. Now, in November, I am noticing a growing difference within myself, and everyone around me. My empathy, connection and understanding have grown tremendously toward… everyone! I am seeing this growth reflected & matched in most of my encounters. I have also witnessed a long and continually growing sense of excitement, harmony and abundance entering our reality, as I feel our destined future stream into our lives.

Keep in mind, everyone has free will. It is each individual’s choice if they wish to experience our evolving reality or continue to grasp the old, yet dying one.  However, the door for our destined reality of unity is swinging wide open.

For the remainder of this year, you will feel the need to fully resolve things. You will also feel a growing need to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch. Use this holiday season to let your loved ones know how important they are to you.

This is a wonderful time to just ”Be” and feel Creations Flow wash away angers past and fears resistance. Enjoy your growing ability to understand the people closest to you. Embrace your capacity to finally release all that has plagued your past. Expand your ability to feel the luxurious comfort that surrounds you as you accept the dreams you’ve been waiting for.

It truly is graduation time – enjoy the party!

Project Updates:

Re-Entering Eden CD Cover - Copy

I’ve been working feverishly to get “Re-Entering Eden’s” companion CD finished. I’m not quite there, but I do hope they will be ready in early December. All of the exercises within the book, plus additional journey’s and meditations will be part of this CD – you’re gonna love it!

The online classes are also in process, with the unusual starts and stops as the universe uses my occasional frustrations to push me to examine my own blocks 🙂

I am looking forward to gathering with my family this Thanksgiving. The holiday season is always the perfect time to go beyond our daily struggles to remember the good times of our past and appreciate the here and now, with our loved ones.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf


Magical Imagination – The Center of our Changing Reality

200282642-002“And that’s my home where dreams are born,

and time is never planned.

Just think of lovely things,

and your heart will fly on wings,

forever in Never Never Land.”

~Lyfe Jennings

 As life continues to move forward and we experience moments of deep peace between our transformative stages, we are indeed moving toward our Soul’s dreams. Higher and higher we glide as we embrace the bouts of excitement during moments of integration with our Soul’s manifested desires. These desires we feel deep within are the blueprints that have been seeded, now ready to spring into our lives.  

As we sail along these changing currents we must maintain a firm grip on our ship of dreams in order to stay afloat during our shifting path’s tides.

Let’s Go To Never Neverland!

We must surrender our fears and learn how to fly again…

When we cling to the ego’s rising fear, our journey becomes difficult and painful to deal. Yet there is one who knows how to navigate these waters. We can see the unseen, and feel the delights of our hidden and exhilarating dreams… The child we were waits by the door ready to leap into mid air as we spread our wings. This excited child is the captain within us, ready to guide our ship and show us the approaching new day.

This changing space turns out to be the perfect place to claim our inward brilliance, our wise guise. This is the ideal time to dance and sing, and do joyous things, as we allow our imagination to fly. Our imagination is our canvas, our play ground to create and experience new and wondrous things. When we remember the fearless moments we knew as a child, we release the tethers that bind us to the old outworn spaces and places we have finally out grown.

This playful attitude helps us release our resistance to the changes taking place on every level of our existence. We must let go of our controlling ways and learn how to Flow with Creations Love and Kisses.

Never Neverland – Peter Pan . . .  (Click to view video)

Our imagination is also the doorway to our incoming plans, ready to seed themselves into our lives. These creations are available to us because our Soul has already put the foundation in place; the only thing left to do is . . . believe. Our desires and dreams of a changing reality filled with wonderful things and people cannot enter our physical lives until we believe it is possible. And what is possible already exists within our Soul’s vault of dreams for our changing realities. All we need to do is say YES! We must embrace these dreams by using our imagination in order to see and feel them. As we consciously connect to these forming manifestations, we will see them replace our passing reality of lack and duality.

We will soon realize nothing real has been lost, as our loved ones join us and our paths will become clear in the new space that is oh so near…

 “All I ask is that you leave me my imagination
so I can pretend I’m flying away.
I’m flying away.
And this is where I’ll stay,
Right here in Never Neverland.
I’d be flying, I’d be dying, for love and appreciation.
Where Mermaids would sing and Fairies would ring.
Right down here in Never Neverland
and it’s second to the left and straight on ’till morning.
Yes it’s second to the left and straight on till morning.
In Never Neverland.
In my Never Neverland.”

~J. M. Barrie

I’ll meet you in there…

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Blessings on your Journey,

Carolyn M Greenleaf