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What is Consciousness?

This article was written for the May 2017 issue of Conscious Community Magazine

As you know, consciousness is the state of being awake or aware. However, in this article, I would like to explore the nature of our changing consciousness. This subject is a driving force within each one of us that seeks to grow, evolve and expand in ways that can be confusing, and therefore frightening. I would like to ease your worry and reassure you; something extraordinary is happening – and you are part of it.

Conscious to Unconscious to Conscious 

Everyone shifts into different stages of consciousness. For instance, most people are fully conscious when they’re born. They feel a deep and expanded connection with life that is beyond their physical confines, yet their mind hasn’t organized what they know. Eventually, this sense of knowing seems to fade away as they assimilate with the way things are within their physical reality.

Their mind begins to form its neural nets (networks), or pathways of information according to what they’re absorbing from their physical world. When this physical world is not conscious of their expanded reality, they live in an incomplete, therefore unconscious state.

These pathways of understanding within the mind are usually laden with egoic programming. The ego is who we become within our physical reality when we are not conscious. This ego or exterior personality is formulated with the beliefs and experiences of our lives, and is not conscious of the deep and expanded connection we once felt. As we conform to an unconscious world, the ego self rules our lives with its limited knowledge.

Eventually, after we’ve had enough of our ego’s experience, something deep within ourselves begins to stir. This conscious part of us begins to wake after its long nap. Just as the sun begins to peer through our curtains and blinds every morning after its sojourn through the darkness, our conscious self is also beginning to shine through the cobwebs of our mind, and stir deep remembrances within our heart.

As these remembrances begin to ignite our awakening process, our ego’s sense of consciousness is in question. So now we ask…what is consciousness?

My Experience & Understanding of Consciousness 

The course of my inward journey leads me to believe that consciousness is a state of awareness that grows and expands. This expansion occurs when we unite our consciousness with the wisdom our unconscious path provided. To be fully conscious is to be fully aware of both the spiritual realms (higher consciousness) of our existence, and the hidden, expanded Truth that is at the core of our physical experience. It is the realization that these two worlds, the conscious and unconscious are connected. As we seek to understand this connection, we expand our consciousness and our reality. This is a process of physically becoming our greater Truth. When we intentionally unite these worlds within ourselves, we grow in ways that enhance both our physical and spiritual realities.

The Process 

When I was a young child, I was in a state of expansive connection and knowing. I was able to feel and sometimes understand the unseen relationship between and within all aspects of life. I was in a natural state of communication through communion with the spiritual realms. I was continually embraced with unconditional love and complete acceptance within this force, this energy, this spirit, that was also within all things and experiences.

However, my physical reality did not support what I experienced. My need to be accepted by my family and peers caused me to distance myself from my expanded consciousness.

Then, as an adult, I craved the connection that I once knew. This drove me toward the divine embrace and expanded consciousness I experienced as a child. My inward journey to my conscious Truths began to heal everything that led me away from them. This healing process formed a path that now unites my inner and outer experiences.

Waking Together 

Everyone’s experience is unique to their path, yet shares common threads. Therefore, we can help one another, as these threads are weaved within the journey of each seeker.

I invite you to continue along this journey of exploration into what is possible. We will look at the different facets of consciousness, the stages, and how we can fully utilize this powerful experience.

I invite you to share your experiences! I want to hear about your process of awakening to your conscious states of being. Let me know about the good, the beautiful, plus the bad, and the ugly of it all. When we share, we unite. When we support, we heal. When we nurture, we grow. Let us come together and unify our hearts as we wake together as One.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Greenleaf Happenings February 2017 – Birth Canal

Oh My! Is this really happening? Again? When will it end?!

Many of you may be asking these questions as uncomfortable feelings and situations have been surfacing for the past few weeks. We have been moving through a massive purging – one that effected me to the point of not being able to connect well enough to write. Hence this late newsletter and absence of my Inspirational quotes. After all, I am also having a human experience, walking through these changes with you, as all Teachers do.

When one cycle ends and another begins there is always an overlapping that forces us to release what no longer serves us as we also taste the sweetness of our new home. In a way, we are in a birth canal, experiencing the labor pains that are squeezing and pushing us from all sides.

He Said – She Said What?!#

As usual, major events are designed to trigger these responses and produce upheaval within the deepest recess of our psyche. This time, it was the election. The anger and a whole slew of other emotions and deep ancient memories woke up. The divisive nature of the US election reflected the moments where the roots of separation formed as a whole (from our state of Oneness) and as individuals. With it came tentacles of fear that created self doubts, confusion and anger.

This has created an excavation within every cell of our physical body as the densest of our yesteryears are rooted out and the Light of our Soul fills the empty cavities. Into the bone we go so we may transform our physical body to match our new reality of higher frequency and being.

As with all cleansings, one level affects all the rest. The changes on our physical level begin a chain reaction into our etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of self and vise versa. What happens to one aspect of us, affects all.

As we are at the threshold of a grand experience opening for us, we also have to move through this anger, fear, pain and memories that kept us from our greater truth so we may now move into the New Cycle now open to us.


Last night, I decided to take a shamanic journey to ascertain some answers to the overload of negative emotions I was experiencing.   In this journey, I came face to face with a large hooded serpent that was similar to my size.  There was no fear, rather an acceptance of what was and what will always be. I then swallowed the entire serpent – a reunion of what was once separated. The serpent is an ancient teacher of great wisdom. However, when we created this dualistic/ego based reality, our Divine Truths became distorted as the experience of separation took place. Everything we fear now becomes our salvation. When we stop running and realize – we are one. The separated sense of self is our own doing, as we believed the ego’s view of the dualistic world we also created.

As we are moving through this immense healing stage, it is helpful to remember – we are One. Everything, everyone we have an issue with, we must awaken and heal these divisions. It is helpful to repeat this phrase “I am you, you are me.” Saying this has helped me move past my own egos judgment or need to condemn.

We have been coming full circle for many years, through karmic cleansings, tremendous purging of the past, recalibrating as we move deeper into our Awakening. The Universe has communicated through various forms, channels and teachers what was happening. Now, there is no more time to run and hide from the internal healing that must take place. Everything has been churned up so that we can see it, feel it and realize “I must resolve and heal this now.” We cannot take the low vibrating thoughts, beliefs and wounds of the past into the enhanced and brilliant reality we’ve been moving toward.

The old Souls who have been healing not only their own family (Soul & physical) lineages, are also healing multiple levels of humanities past, nature’s wounds and the residuals that permeate our planet. It is a bombardment of emotions, thoughts, memories and physical pain as the cells of our physical body and earth’s body releases everything holding us down. All ego densities have to go. For this, we must stop running, ignoring or suppressing all this “stuff” that’s surfacing. This chaos is the dismantling of everything that has held us to the old reality.

Eclipses of Salvation!

We are about to experience some divine and astrological assistance.   February 10, 2017 at 4:34 -8:53 pm CDT we will experience a very powerful and beneficial Lunar Eclipse in Leo’s Full Moon.

The alignment of planets during this Eclipse forms a Pentagram within a Rectangle. This will assist our internal cleansings on every level of our being as we enter this gateway and stand in the Fires of Leo’s domain. Courage will be rewarded as we release our resistance toward healing our internal divisions and transform what no longer serves us.

It is important to keep our eyes on the prize during this time. Our dreams are waiting for us, but we have to be willing to let go – completely so we may fall apart only to be reassembled like a new, upgraded version of who we are ready to be.

For more information about the Lunar Eclipse, you may wish to read: Lunar Eclipse 10 February 2017 Practical Magic by Jamie Partridge

We also have a New Moon Solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26, 2017. Pisces is the 12th house of the zodiac of Unity and Christ Consciousness. This energy moves us into a higher enlightened state of being and perception. What a wonderful way to begin our new line up of eclipses as we also step into a physical reality that will increasingly resemble the reflection of our Heart & Soul.


The Trinity of You

February 24, 2017 @ 7-9 pm

In this class, we will discuss the Masculine and Feminine aspects of self – their importance, functions and energetic components that create or block our abundance and balance. We will also utilize the information about the Inner Child, which is the unifying component. You will discover what happens when this union or Trinity takes place. More Information

This class will finish up the series upon which my book “Re-Entering Eden” is based upon.


Mediation & Ascension Hour

Weekly Wednesdays @ 6-8 pm in Cary IL

(Meditation only) Every first Friday @ 7-8 at Options 4 Health in McHenry

These valuable classes help individuals reconnect, ground and heal in a number of ways. Always educational, compassionate and supportive of each students path.

Meditation Link & Ascension Hour Link

You must sign up before attending these classes.

In closing…

Every aspect and level of the Universe is on our side – helping us in every way. It’s difficult to believe this when we are in the mists of pain, but that is precisely the time when we are being cradled in the loving arms of Creation.

As always, I am available to assist you through coaching, counseling, energetic healing and readings. I know how important understanding and support are during these times of turmoil – I am here for you.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf