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Greenleaf Happenings September 2018 – Bridging Paths

We have entered new territory! These last few months, we have shed many layers of our old outworn ego identity, memories, and ingrained beliefs. Now, new directions, doorways and adventures are simply appearing!

I just returned from a weekend with family to witness the union of my beautiful niece with the man of her dreams. They were also blessed by a beautiful rainbow on their special day!  This celebration of their marriage is symbolic of the new beginnings and realizations; that our hearts focus is coming true. We are finding the gold at the end of the Rainbow.


The energies of the past months, including the slew of retrograding planets and eclipses helped trigger the chaos we experienced within the various levels of our lives. This helped us see and reach deeper into the layers of self, so we could ask the question “is this still who I am, and is this still what I want?”

Everything that stood in our way forward demanded our attention. Even though it was painful, scary or downright irritating, these energies called us out. This has been and continues to be a time to get real with ourselves. We have to be completely honest and authentic with what we have ignored for far too long. This means all of the self confidence, lack issues, and beliefs that created the disease and illnesses that haunt us. These misaligned energies are very deep as they span eons of generations – from beginning to end; it all must heal.

Keep in mind, as the layers of old beliefs held within our mind (mental body) and emotions (emotional body), etheric (connections to past multi dimensional selves), our physical body is the densest; therefore the last point of release. Plus, the body conforms to what our mind believes is true. We are what we believe and emote.

Movin’ Up!

So what happens when we resolve, heal and release the past? We graduate! The unconscious life of our ego self/identity transforms as we awaken or become conscious of our internal truths. This conscious awareness moves us into the higher vibrating and empowering realities we have also been creating. These other realities are based upon our hearts dreams and desires.  Within our Souls reality, everything happens at the same time. There are multiple realities that exist within our Souls reality of no-time. Our consciousness within our current life experience links us to our expanded self, which has multiple experiences within different realties.

If you are in tune with the messages of the Universe, you will sense many new bridges that continually form. These bridges link us to our higher functioning realities where a larger part of who we are resides. We can feel these realities as we get closer to uniting with them.  As we resolve and completely release the past, the aspect of us that was attached to the past is able to advance forward – cross the Bridge. These Bridges move us into an ascended reality.

This is an 11 universal month, in an 11 universal year! The vibration of 11:11 is moving us forward in new and exciting ways! Our collective awakening by revisiting and healing our past and choosing to align with our authentic Souls truth, has created the new Bridges that bring us even closer to fully experiencing the new realities we have dreamed into manifestation.  The Equinox on the 22nd helps us cross these Bridges and embrace our new realities.

Many will experience new soulful connections, partners and relationships that are reflective of your shared Divine truth of unity and Oneness. This is a powerful time for everyone, no matter where along the Bridge they are. Those who have refused to change will be provided with more opportunities to heal and evolve their lives. The individuals who have done their inner work have also affected mass consciousness in powerful ways that ultimately assist everyone.

In Closing….

We will still have our ups and downs, but the ups will increase and the downs will eventually cease to be an issue. This transformation of ego self into our Authentic or Soul Self is what we came to do. Everything in our lives, seen and unseen is helping us resolve, heal and awaken to our powerful and Divine Truth. As these Bridges form, they continually extend into higher functioning realities. When we continue to honor and claim who we truly are. All is possible, all is inevitable.

The need to recognize the two selves of ego and Soul is an important piece to heal, know and own your powerful truth. This is why I am teaching the class: Soul & Ego – Awareness of Self. This class will expand what has been covered in previous classes and my book “Re-Entering Eden.” There will be new exercises, challenges and inward Journeys that will help attendees further their understanding and advance their healing and embodiment of their Soul’s Authentic Truth.


Meditation Classes

Monday, September 10, 2018 @ 7 – 8:00 pm

Basics Meditation Classes

Carolyn teaches simple methods to train the mind or induce a mode of consciousness that promotes a state of peace, calm, relaxation, develop compassion, patience, concentration and insights. These classes are assists individuals toward: Inward Focus, Centering, Balance, Awareness, Uniting with self, Surrender & Flow. Information Link

$11.00 per class. You must sign up to attend at: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com


Monday, September 10, 2018 @ 8 – 9:00 pm

Soul Fusion Meditation Classes

Soul Fusion: The embodiment of the Essence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Reality and Power of one’s Soul. These Meditations are designed to help participants reconnect with their Souls Essence, Reality and Divine Truth. This natural alliance and source of knowledge and wisdom is integrated in a step by step process. Each month, you will move into a deeper relationship and connection with your deepest, forgotten and truest Self. It is time to go beyond what you thought you knew about yourselves, and into the Divine Truth of your true inheritance and identity. More Information

$11.00 per class. You must sign up to attend at: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com


Monday, September 24, 2018 at 7-9 pm

Soul & Ego – Awareness of Self

During times of change, we often feel a battle raging within the self. Many experience feelings of pain, confusion, anger and sorrow. These difficult feelings and the experiences that accompany them can actually reveal much more than once realize – they offer us a way towards freedom… More Information

$26.00 per class. You must sign up to attend at: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com


Wishing you all an abundant September filled with Blessings, magic and wonder!

Carolyn M. Greenleaf 





Humility ~ Wisdoms Grace

sky-114446_640Pixabay - Copy

By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

“While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God’s creation.” ~Maya Angelou

The incomparable Maya Angelou shared much wisdom and touched many hearts during her life. Through her words, Mayas voice remains a gracious instrument that plucks the strings of truth within our hearts and opens the door into the wisdom of our Soul. It is up to us to humbly accept these teachings from women and men like Maya who create a bridge toward the acceptance and expansion of the wisdom and power held within ourselves.

Humility is the open door by which we enhance our experience of life. To know life through the eyes and experience of another is to realize our unity within the Body, the World and the Universe we all share.

Each person has their own view and point of reference from which they engage life. This makes everyone an expert about what they know through their particular vantage point. Yet no one has all the answers – this is the beauty of life.

A Master can never truly master their craft, because what they wish to master is always mastering them. This is because Creation is in a constant state of expansion – this means everything in existence is continually growing. This growth is fed by all of us, as we are part of the Body of Creation. Therefore, our individual existence is dependent upon the rest of Creation – the Whole.

The power we have yet to obtain is dependent upon the knowledge of others and the openness by which we are willing to learn and expand our current knowing and expertise. Humility allows us to grow by opening our hearts and minds to grasp something beyond the reach of our stubborn and insistent ways. The courage to step outside of what we know creates the path toward the opening doors called our future.

Our lives are intended to be an endless and exciting quest toward our potential and our hidden inheritance. We obtain these gifts by coming together and sharing information – we help one another. When we release our judgments toward the rest of the population and open our minds, growth is possible. We advance together.

Humility helps us recognize we must empty our minds so we may increase our knowledge.

Humility is having the wisdom to recognize there is so much more we could learn, no matter how much we have already accomplished. Even though another person, culture, religion or belief system does not have our personal answers, they can and often do point us in the direction of knowledge.

No matter how accomplished or educated we may be – we will always be students of life. The wisest individuals will listen to their subordinates and appreciate their input. It would behoove us to observe a child’s natural exuberance and curious observations toward life, and then put our own remembrance into practice. We would also be wise to take a humble approach toward our perceived enemies and be open to what they have to say. It doesn’t matter an individual’s background, status, gender or age – all have knowledge and wisdom. To evolve the self is to evolve our way of thinking and our perception toward ourselves, each other and our world.

Humility is a powerful asset to use as we travel along this exciting journey called life. To be humble is to acknowledge there is room to grow, through the partnerships we acknowledge and honor. Each one of us is part of the Family called Creation. When we see beyond the restrains of our mind, we will know the value each person, culture and nation have. However, we must first recognize and honor our own value before we can fully comprehend the treasure of our extended Family.

We are amazing Beings, it’s time we accept this awesome fact about who we really are.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf
Transformational Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Author