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Change Series – 2 Responsibility of Change


There is a great deal to learn from the experience of duality, as expressed in my book Re-Entering Eden. Within a dualistic reality, we have the opportunity to experience much diversity, leading to tremendous internal and external growth. However, humanity has experienced the negative side of this dualistic opportunity for far too long. Our history has developed a very divisive reality in many cases. This divisiveness often blossoms into corruption in all its forms.

The height of these negative experiences is reflected in events such as the recent Presidential election in the US and all contested elections and battles for power around the world. As these events happen, we are then left to wonder – what happened to create such a bitter atmosphere or a sense of complete powerless toward affecting your outer reality?

Nevertheless, if we look at what this divisiveness created, we can utilize the wisdom it also offers. It is this wisdom that we must now develop, so we can create positive solutions. Divisiveness is ultimately designed to inspire positive change and unity.

Focus Forward

The only way for positive changes to take place, is by focusing on the form its transformation will make. We must keep our eyes on the prize. We must get our crayons out and create a whole new picture or blueprint of how this change will look and act. Then, we must focus on it and believe in its fruition.

“Where your attention goes, energy Flows.”

We’ve all heard this phrase. It means we are creative Beings who are forming our reality, in every moment.  Everything is energy – our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and our actions. This tells us – when we focus and complain about the crummy leadership in our lives without creating positive solutions, we recreate them again and again – as we play the victim. Blaming others does not solve problems. The only way for positive change to happen, is by taking full responsibility for the changes we can make today.

Changing Leadership

As I mentioned in the last video, the Orcas Wisdom says we must heal and unite our own internal dualistic nature, if we wish to live in a peaceful and unified world…

Let’s take a look at the political scene, which is in a great deal of turmoil. This turmoil is telling us…everything is in a state of change. This turmoil represents the chaos that precedes new form. We now have the opportunity through this chaos to transform the integrity of “Leadership” into its most virtuous intent.

So, how do we do this? It’s time to ask ourselves this question while we stand in the center of our internal chaos: If our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, then what within the self is divisive and corrupt? We must ask ourselves: “Am I being responsible for the direction I am taking in my life, or am I allowing others to direct my choices? Am I blaming others for these choices? Am I taking choice away from myself or others? What am I not willing to see or admit to myself? Where have I refused to take the responsibility of leadership toward my own life choices? When have I used others to do the things that I am responsible for? Am I fighting against myself and my own nature? Am I leading or living my life to the best of my ability?”

We must then ask ourselves, “What type of leadership do I really want?” The next question should be, “Am I practicing these qualities?”  If not, your next question is; “what must I change?”

Everyone is the leader of their own personal lives, through the choices made and actions taken or not. Therefore, we must take full responsibility for the changes we must make as we lead our lives, and then expect the same from those who we place in these powerful positions of leadership in our cities, states and nation. We are responsible for both ourselves and those we choose to govern us.

If we desire Leaders who are:

  • Completely transparent and honest about their professional career and dealings.
  • Have the courage to stand in the face of opposition and corruption to then bring about positive change.
  • Act in the interest of the group in which they govern.
  • Considers all matters with fairness and wisdom.
  • Puts the needs of whom they govern above their own personal desires.

We must also hold up the mirror and ask ourselves these questions:

Am I being honest with myself? Am I being honest with others? Am I standing up for my rights? Am I using fairness and wisdom in all my dealings? Am I holding myself accountable for all the decisions I’ve made, plus those I’ve ignored? Am I tending to the needs of myself and those who depend upon me? Am I being compassionate towards myself and others? Am I listening and paying attention to my internal needs? Am I proactive about the changes I must make within myself?

Each one of you must answer these questions if you truly wish to live in a world, a nation, a state, a city, a neighborhood, a family, a life that is at peace and expresses the true abundance that is available for all.

Positive change requires us to pay attention to what is really in our heart, for the heart is the gateway to the wisdom of our Soul. This is a truth that will set us back on course to the wonderful life that is within our grasp.

P.S. To understand the dualistic nature within ourselves, please refer to my book: Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf