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Transformational Triggers

By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Life is always a series of ups and downs. Like the changing of the seasons, we too grow through life. Just as autumn releases the harvest and outworn, followed by a time of rest and hibernation; the arrival of spring holds new growth and opportunities. Such is the process of our lives. Positive or negative triggers help us to see where and when we are experiencing our own evolutionary growth process. In the same way, a lightning strike can open a new crevice in a tree, as a lost bird has also found shelter from the elements of the night. Whether joyous or painful, the situations life presents are exactly what we need, as they come to us in perfect timing.

I have written, spoken and taught about the process our ego and soul utilizes for our personal growth – moreover, it is the impetus, the fuel that evolves Creation. Borrowing the words Sages and Masters have used for eons, “All is in Divine Right Timing.” This phrase is difficult to accept when we feel as though we are drowning in pain. Yet, the other side of this pain opens a path toward the joyous elevation our bravery rewards.


During the experience of your life, the personal areas of intended growth are the hardest, because they test your limits like no other. This pushing and testing is meant to break you down; so you may be rebuilt. During each period of recovery, you evolve into a new self, through your acceptance to expand your wisdom, courage and capacity to love.

To transcend the ego self, is to earn your new set of Wings that lift you into an enhanced awareness of the true power you possess and what that means.

As life orchestrates the challenges you chose to grow through, unpleasant situations occur that make you question yourself and your worth. The path of discarding one’s deeper truths opens a journey that creates Shadows of self. These Shadows are distortions of your authentic truth. As painful as this path becomes, the rewards of transforming these Shadows are great.  Hence, you may curse those who deceive you; but, if you were completely confident and steadfast in your true worth, you would not have fallen for the tricks of the ego world. These tricksters are helping you realize the areas of self that need healing.


While running away from your perceived Shadows, opportunities to resolve them also occur.  These opportunities are disguised as hardships, desires, misunderstandings, even gifts. Creation orchestrates situations and their timing, triggering suppressed or unconscious internal wounds or blocks that halt your way forward. This process also helps uncover hidden gifts and talents that have lain dormant for far too long.

Many times, Creation also aligns positive or negative instances with the moons phases and other planetary alignments that affects our moods and enhances what triggers create. One of your most sacred truths is your unity with everything that exists. All is connected; everything works in your favor.

Moving Through

The quickest way to resolve the issues triggers unearth is to embrace them.  When you change your perspective and rise above your reactive responses, you will transform them quickly. You see, it is actually your distorted view of self that you are embracing. Along your life’s experiences, you have distanced, separated from…you. While accepting the unhealed truths of the ego world above your internal truth, you became lost. Now, you are regaining your confidence, by going within and realizing your true brilliance.

By using gratitude and appreciation for the strength, understanding and growth your past provided, your Shadow transforms and reveals new gifts and aspects of self that have grown or were hidden within.

In your most absolute and Divine Truth, you are the essence of Creations Love and Light. This is the truth that sets you free. It is important for you to understand that everything perceived as negative, is the reality you chose to grow and rediscover who you really are. You have always had the Keys to those locked doors. You are here to remember who you truly are and claim your freedom…to just Be.


I am offering a statement to help you recommit to your own majesty, beauty, strength and true power….

“Dearest ego, thank you for providing me the path I needed to enhance my capacity to see my own Divinity – to rise above adversity, to love more and to grow my understanding, wisdom and compassion of things I could not while remaining in my Blissful existence.

Thank you for showing me where I have lost myself along this journey. I am grateful for this extraordinary journey and I am ready to fully Embrace my Whole and Divine Truth. I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Creations Glory! I accept all of who I Am and chose to live my life accordingly.”

You are an incredible Blessing to the world – thank you for being here.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf




May 2017 Greenleaf Happenings – Metamorphosis

Hello Everyone!

Oh my, it’s been a rough few weeks. Just as many of you, I have been experiencing, deep states of cleansing triggered by the flu and cold viruses. Assisting us are the planetary bodies that move us into just the right frequencies that will bring to the surface all we are unaware for this stage. Each one of us is experiencing some level of chaos because this 1 year (2+0+1+7 = 10/1) is telling us we are on a new platform. However, we can’t bring an old house into the new. Each time we enter a new cycle, we must raise our vibration on every level of our being in order to match the heightened frequency of our new space.  Sounds serious! It is, but it is also a very special and sacred time.


This current stage of transformation began 2 years ago, within our 8th year (2015) as we initiated a deeper physical reunification with our Spiritual and Soul selves in profound ways.  The 8 represents a union of two worlds or bodies of energy. Think back to this time – what was happening in your life two years ago? What choices did you make, which areas in your life did you heal or began the process? Who did you meet? Who did you release?

Also, this month represents reunification. When we add 5 (May) to 1 (2017), we get 6. This is Tiferet (6) in ancient Cabala. Tiferet is the unifier. Within the physical self, Tiferet is located within the heart. The heart is the bridge that links our Higher Selves (Spirit/Soul) and our physical selves. This is why the practice of bringing our presence within the Heart Space is so important. From the position of our heart, we are able to align with our authentic or Soul self. This is where we can consciously feel, understand and communicate with this higher aspect of Self and every aspect of Creation.


It’s important to consciously connect with the Higher aspects of Self so we many release the ego’s fear of what is happening. The fusion of our Greater Truth with our physical selves is a tenacious process. It is part of the Soul embodiment that is required for our new reality.

Challenging, confusing and painful symptoms always accompany the embodiment of a higher Soul aspect. This happens because our elevated aspects vibrate on a higher frequency, which also means the lower frequency of our physical body must rise. The new inhabiting frequency of self begins to clean house.  This transformation is being realized by all. Illnesses such as colds and flu’s are ways the body detox’s or release’s what no longer serves us. This detoxification happens on every level, including our physical, emotional and mental, even etheric bodies.

Our emotions surface as the past is released through us. Love is the only thing that is real, so all that is left within is the love created through the past; even if it was not realized at the time. This should give us a great deal of comfort as we tend to resist letting go of the past because a part of us believes we are leaving behind the special people involved.

When we allow the transformation to take place, this loving reality grows with us and helps us create the elevated reality our heart strives for through the direction of our Soul.

We can also suffer from brain fog as our mental states are being upgraded or rewired to encompass the understanding of our Soul. It is common to forget words or experience confusion as our frame of reference is being dismantled and advanced.  This is temporary.

Meeting your other aspects is also common as thought forms surface that don’t come from your current experience. It’s like there is another person inside you. Remembrances of other lives or timelines can flash through every level of your being. Again this is temporary as a union of Selves and rebalancing is also taking place.


Our growth process involves moving beyond our ego’s grasp of reality. This cleansing through detoxification and reunification on multiple levels creates the openings for us to recognize and accept new thoughts that come from the reality we are calling forth.

Every aspect of Creation is helping us. This includes the planetary bodies that align their energies and frequencies to help shake things up and move problematic issues to the surface so they may be seen. We still have a great deal of unresolved or negative beliefs and issues that must surface so they can be healed.

Currently, we have assistance from 4 planets in retro movement: Mercury (until 5/4), Jupiter (until 6/10), Saturn (until 8/26) and Pluto (until 9/29). Mercury represents our mental states – how we are wired or programmed and how we communicate them. Mercury retro brings our ego’s reasoning into question. Jupiter is our expansive nature – where are we focused? Saturn is about structure – are our foundations stable and sound? Pluto says “I will transform all of these things that wreak havoc toward the formation of your future. “


There are periods of time that are more intense and difficult than others. This is one of those times. It is important to relinquish the emotions surfacing, especially the frustration felt during these trying times. Feel what you feel and if you sense the need, access the intelligence from your feelings, then let them go. Many times you will feel a rush of emotions come over you in waves. Release your resistance and just allow the Flow of your Soul to wash them through. The more you surrender your resistance, the quicker you will feel relief. Sometimes, I will say “thank you, I release you” to the energies surfacing.

When we honor this process, see our lives as precious and our experiences necessary for our unfolding future, we move into the wisdom of our Soul.

To assist you, I am offering you a suggestion to help you rise above the chaos you may find within yourselves.

Firstly; Move into the energy of Tiferet (within your heart). Allow the Embrace of unity, compassion, balance and unconditional love of Tiferet to fill you.

Secondly; Move your focus into your heart and say:

“I chose to embrace this moment and all of the energies moving through me. I accept the dark and the light of it – for it is who I truly am. I am all of it – I am One with every aspect of Creation. I am One with my Divine Truth and my physical experience. I honor all of my experiences for they have allowed me to heal my past, grow my wisdom and understand many things I did not know before. I choose the Oneness of my Being and embrace this sacred transformation taking place within me.”

If you need assistance, my services are available to you.

Article in Conscious Community Magazine!

What Is Consciousness by Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Conscious Community published an article I wrote especially for them! Click the following link to read this article: What is Consciousness?



Please check the Events Calendar for times and locations for Meditation and Ascension Hour classes.

We’re Having an Expo!!!!

I am proud to announce Greenleaf Healing is co-sponsoring a Mind Body Spirit Expo with Options 4 Health and Bella Medica. The name of this exciting event is All Things Wellness. Please take a look at our website and sign up for our mailing list. The website is still in process and continually being updated as we form this Expo.

What I know for sure: Dr. Darrell Weissman has agreed to be our feature speaker! I will also speak as well as Sherry LaMarche. We also lined up Michael Bettine and Al Jewer! We will have several vendors to delight, educate and provide a variety of items to purchase.

Link: All Things Wellness Expo

In Closing…

Keep in mind – the more intense the situation, the sweeter its resolve will be. Remember, we are dealing with opposites here. Everything is a flip side of a coin. Bad is good turned on its head for exploration.  Darkness is just places that have yet to open its doors to the Light within. Do not hold judgment within your body, heart or mind. Instead, go into your heart and call upon the wisdom of your Soul, for that is the only place where you will understand beyond what your mind thinks it knows.

I wish you all, Abundant Blessings of Peace, Love and Prosperity of all you hold dear.

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Greenleaf Happening October 2016 – Enhanced Connection

carolyn-m-greenleaf-convergence-10-2016Hello Everyone!

Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to leave the crazy happenings of September behind? I know I am!

As difficult as September was for most, Libra should balance the scales as supporting energies and opportunities alleviate the traumatic feelings, experiences and tiredness. September was an opportunity for us to deal with suppressed and unconscious internal issues that hold us back. As we continue to move into October, we will experience relief. We will be able to breathe a little easier because of the internal transformation we achieved in September. This month, we will also get some glimpses or sense what is opening for us in our new year. The need to understand the Soul is also of great importance now. This is why I am offering a class later this month, to help know, connect, and embrace this powerhouse, waiting for acceptance.

Hit & Run

The ascension process that began many years ago has only strengthened in momentum and moved us forward, whether we were consciously on board with this or not. Each of us agreed and knew what would happen – on the Soul level. Still, doing the work and healing required to reach our Soul’s goal of full embodiment has been at times gut wrenching, terrifying and exhausting. Yet, deep within we recognize the sacredness of this very powerful journey. Often times, we also feel and experience the gift that this evolving process brings.

We knew September would be a dozy! However, I am an optimist and hoped I had done enough internal work, granting me a pass – NOT! September is the ninth month in a nine year (2+0+1+6 = 9). 9 is the energy of transformation. The story of the Phoenix is the best way I can describe this transformative experience. The Phoenix knows it must die to who it was, so it can experience who it has become. Each time the Phoenix is reborn, it rises from the ashes of its experiences and sense of self. The ashes create the nourishment and fertile foundation to birth a grander experience through choice and acceptance of who or what the Phoenix has the capacity to Be.


Within every physical life experience, there is a challenge created as we enter the physical realm with a body and mind that is new to the experience. The physical body and mind are compelled to know and match the frequency of its greater Soul Self. Always an internal beacon guides the physical being to find its Self. As we honor this journey and accept the lessons the ego provides, we find ourselves at our destination.

We are always in a state of becoming when we enter the physical world. Each wrong direction or choice will ultimately help us find ourselves. When we don’t allow our circumstances to repress or hold us back, our physical body and mind begins to evolve. Each time we overcome an obstacle, we grow our confidence and sense of worthiness. Even though we know there is something very powerful about whom we really are, all aspects of our physical self must grow into this truth.

Creation, as well our Soul, Guides and Angels arrange the lessons needed and the opportunities to heal the traumas that came along with these lessons. This healing is the gift transformation energies provide. The entire year has been about finishing up and letting go of the past so we can experience a rebirth. This rebirth creates the opening of new experiences that will be on a grander scale.

Why? Because we are ready. We have achieved enough recognition of our greater Soul Selves and willingness to walk and live in the bigger shoes of our Soul. Not only will we be more conscious of our choices, we will know that the outcome of what we do affects others. We will feel the embrace of the Oneness of which we are part. We will experience a deep internal knowing that will be beyond words.

The harsh energies of this month actually were a tremendous gift, as we were shook, scrubbed and pounced on until we  energetically regurgitated the foreign thought forms, memories and beliefs of our past. The transformation was so intense our physical bodies became exhausted.


September’s transformational energy of clean up and out came with preparation for the new we are about to experience. We are being prepared for the next stage of Soul embodiment. The increased experience of being ungrounded and in part, the physical exhaustion was related to the physical changes our body needs to make to handle the enhanced degree of Soul energy.

Every level of our body is changing. As we embody more and more of our Souls essence, our vibratory rate increases, drawing up anything that holds you down. This process is difficult for the physical body, as we begin to feel very aged, due to the density of our physical form. This density is what has been transforming – it is the density of the old world of thought and experience.

This month, we will begin to feel lighter. This “lightness” is very perceptive to the Soul energy of others and to the loving essence and connection of Creation. Within this higher vibratory level, we begin to absorb the knowledge of the Soul, instead of the ego self. The less we fight the changes, the quicker we will enjoy a healthier, more vibrant and youthful quality within our bodies.

Part of our new experience is uniting with the Oneness. The Soul is connected to the web of every aspect of Creation. A deep sense of belonging, support and unconditional acceptance and love will become a greater part of our life. We need to understand our Soul’s deep and intimate connection with life now.

~ Classes ~


Soul & Ego – Awareness of Self

October 21, 2016 @ 7 – 9 pm

Must sign up by 10/17/16

During times of change, we often feel a battle raging within the self. Many experience feelings of pain, confusion, anger and sorrow. These difficult feelings and the experiences that accompany them can actually reveal much more than once realize – they offer us a way towards freedom.

We will discuss these aspects of the “false” ego self and the “true” Soul Self and how they affect our lives. It is important to understand the situations and confusion that the ego tends to create and why they are valuable. More Information


Meditation Class

Meditation classes are designed to help students return to the internal wisdoms and connection of their Soul through the gateway of their heart. My inward, heart based meditations help to ground ones energy back into the physical body, where the vehicle of experience is informed and transformed. When aligning with the wisdom of the Soul from within, the mind and body change and heal.   Information Link

Weekly evening classes are offered at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL and weekly morning classes are available at Options for Health in McHenry IL.


Ascension Hour

These valuable classes provide additional information and support for the transformation happening in our inner and outer worlds. We talk about the energies influencing our awakening process and touch on many subjects to enhance understanding and alleviate fear and resistance toward what our Soul is guiding us toward. This is an open and flowing format where questions are answered, experiences shared and support is given. This month, we will talk about the differences in dimensions, as we are now in the doorway of the fifth Dimensional experience. Information Link

Weekly evening classes are offered at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL and weekly morning classes are available at Options for Health in McHenry IL.

Online Ascension Hour will soon be available!

For those who cannot attend these classes in person, I am in the process if setting up a live video classroom, where participants can share in discussions and ask questions. There will be an $11 cost for each class. I hope to be up and running by middle of this month. If you are interested, contact me at: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com .

In Closing…

Enjoy the reprieve this month. Open your heart to the possibilities that are coming your way and say YES! Yes, to your divine journey and the fruits of your labor, lessons and tremendous growth. The astrological happenings are supporting your process of change, as well as all aspects of Creation.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Greenleaf Happenings – August 2016 ~ A New Cycle is Born


Beannacht – A New Year Blessing ~ John O'Donohue ~ - Copy

Hello Everyone!

Can you feel it? There is hope and promise that is stirring….within. Are you paying attention? There are many opportunities this month, but one must be open and connected to the wisdom and guidance of their heart and Soul. This is a time to reclaim the mighty power of whom you truly are. There is no better time than now to step forward as the Creator you are destined to be. There is a special kind of momentum that has been building – the kind that can spring board all who are brave enough to step forward into the reality their heart has yearned.

This month, the mighty lion, Leo increases the pressure for those who continue to resist the changes and healing that must take place. For those who have embraced and or led the way into our new day/reality, they are feeling their bliss increase and true power reborn. A new cycle of Creation is upon us!

Courage under Fire

lions gate6

This month we are in the domain of the Lion – Leo.  This is a fiery energy of courage, leadership, creativity and the strength that will give us the boost we need to heal ourselves and initiate our long held dreams.

August 2nd we entered a New Moon phase in Creative Leo. Each new moon opens a new cycle which lasts approx 29.5 days. New moons are opportunities to plant new seeds and/or recommit to the garden of wishes and goals we are tending. When the Sun and Moon are dancing in the same Zodiac sign, there is an extra boost within the celestial alignment. Plus, another powerful opportunity is upon us….

Opening a New Cycle ~ 2016 to 2026

We are about to step though the next Lions Gate which peeks on 8/8. This is a doorway into a new cycle that will last about 10 years. It is a new level of Mastery and power for those who are brave enough to step through.

The previous cycle of the Lions Gate that is now ending brought us through a period of dis-illusionment or breakdown. The cycle that began in 2008 initiated the dismantling and revealing of the corruption that has manipulated humanity for far too long.  The new cycle opening 8/8/2016 will continue the shattering of the old illusion, as it will increasingly bring higher frequencies which foster our New Reality.  This cycle opening will be one of tremendous power. This is a power that we may use to create what our Heart and Soul has yearned for. This cycle will express the beauty and Divine connection within the Oneness we truly reside. This is an opportunity to experience heaven on earth and to witness what we love – reborn.   However, those who cling to the old and ego ways of the past will feel the fires of transformation burn within them.

This is the time to review your path and choices, then either change course or recommit yourself to the goals and destiny you wish for. Step into the cape of courage, wisdom and strength Leo the Lions Gate is providing and move forward with new determination.

The Answer Within

This month we are also working with the energy of the 17/8 (8 + 2016/9). This means the reunification with the power we seek is through our relationship with self. This lesson is tapping everyone on the shoulder in an obvious way.

This lesson is telling us, when we stop taking the reactions from the outside world so personally we step out of victim mode and can than view our life through the objective position of our Soul. Furthermore, when we become honest with ourselves, we can begin to see that it has always been us that have stood in our way. We must ask – what part did we play in our disappointments, and unfulfilled goals? How did we get in our own way?

The excuses and blaming others has not served us. This is a time to take full responsibility for the part we play within the delays, disappointments and mishaps of our lives. Taking ownership of our share of the blame is how we resolve our blocks on the path forward. When we are brave and face what we have been running from… freedom is at hand. This freedom is the release of all that we have allowed to bind us to a limiting past that no longer serves us.  It is we who have used the past traumas and negativities as excuses that prevented us from the evolution and growth that moves us forward. When we step through what haunts us, we reclaim our position as co-creators and can then stand with our Divine Family within the Oneness. The path within will always led us to the Oneness our heart seeks. This unity is then reflected in our outer world.  It is the realization that it is we who affect our reality. It is we who can create heaven on earth.

New Dawn

Even though there is still treachery in the world, there are also signs of hope, unity and compassion that continue to increase and spread across the globe. As we are faced with the past, by these terrorist events that trigger ancient energies and cellular memories, humanities evolution is becoming apparent. More people are choosing to end the old cycles of revenge and victim-hood by changing their course with resolve, understanding, hugs and solutions. The positive change within the reactions of those affected by the negativity stemming from the past is transforming the old pains and releasing the heavy chains. There is no question that a new dawn and a new era for humanity are here.

Much of our healing is also within the family. The frightening events in our world reveals many layers and timelines in need of resolution and reunification. As fragments of self have demanded our attention, so does the lineage of which we travel through. Many opportunities are upon each individual to rise above the issues that caused dissension in the past and move into a greater level of understanding through the internal healing that has permitted the forward movement upon us.

Ongoing Meditation & Ascension Hour Classes

Please check the Events Calendar for the dates and times of these classes

Speaking Events!

Greenleaf_8438 HI

Saturday August 13th, I will be at Options 4 Health in McHenry and Thursday August 18th, I will be at Yoga Bee 3, also in McHenry. See Events Calendar for sign up and information.

In Closing…

Each one of us are about to enter a time of expanded and profound opportunities. If we face our fears and say yes to our opening future, we will indeed find our hearts desires and dreams move into our world.

I wish you greatness along this exciting journey, peace within your mind and bliss within your heart…..

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Intense Labor & Joyous Delivery – November 2013


Hello Everyone!

First off – this newsletter is longer than usual, because it includes an Ascension update. Well worth the read, but you may need to take it in small bits. . .

Here we go again – ending old cycles, prepping for new as we get ready for 2014 to begin.

The creation of our lives has many intricate layers and stages that play out within specific cycles. Every cycle is designed to cultivate the healing, knowledge and wisdom necessary to obtain our life long goals. Each year we begin one of these cycles that are in part, prepared by all of the previous ones.

Anything left undone within your 2013 cycle will vie for your attention as this year draws to a close, attempting to ensure your readiness for what 2014 has in store for you.

The October & November eclipses, retro planets & alignments are events that pull your head out of the sand so you can’t escape the unresolved issues that may thwart your incoming cycle. Everything undone, including personal blocks is brought to your attention. We always save the best for last!

The issues we have buried or denied are actually the crème de la crème of our needed growth, strength and confidence, to successfully take on our upcoming year as we move closer to the future we know exists within our hearts.

This is a time to pay special attention to our physical & emotionally learned responses and change them. How do you deal with fear? If you respond by either running or hiding – you are enslaved. These fears haunt you until you change your response. When you gather the confidence & courage to stand up for your right to move forward toward your waiting dreams, the fears you used to run from dissipate, and release another piece of you that was trapped in the past.

Hard times are actually good times – they say “I dare you to claim your truth, I dare you to accept your power, I dare you to say yes to your dreams.”  You are on this earth to create your own reality.  When you accept this truth, you will see the issues of the past become stepping stones, through each year’s cycles that always set up the needed scenarios that push you to resolve what you’ve failed to understand in the past.  The doorway to your desired future is within…you.

Ascension update:


Can you feel it? The changes we’ve been seeking are becoming part of our reality in a very big way…..

Bare with me as I give you a little background synopsis, which is connected to these changes.


As I have written before, even though we are all from the same body of Oneness, each of us are also connected to specific areas within Creation where we feel changes taking place. I myself have my origins within Nature, and as such, I feel and see the issues and resulting changes within my own physical life as well as the higher dimensions where my Soul & Spirit work on behalf of the Oneness.

Part of my Souls purpose is to create a bridge for new physical realities to occur. These realities always reflect the will of the Oneness – in particular the chosen Souls who will inhabit and be responsible for the chosen reality.  Each reality begins within our Souls reality of Divine Oneness, and then it is altered by will of the realities group consciousness. However, each reality is always destined to return “Home” as various “awakenings” ascend everyone into a truer state of Being, along with the vast amounts of wisdom earned through the experiences.  This is a growth process that propels all individuals forward into an evolved state of consciousness as they align with their Souls reality. All levels of self; physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual transform as the changes take place.

When I serve as a “Bridge” I must enter the chosen reality at the beginning & end of its cycles. The beginning of this dualistic reality that is now ending was created by fragmenting the One Energy involved with this earth reality & humanity’s inception.  From 1, there become 12 divisions, also known as the 12 core creators. Each has different degrees of dark & light – they have always expressed themselves within our current reality and reflect their nature within the hours upon which we track time.

Approximately 12,000 years ago, the last stage of humanity’s growth cycle was set.  Full duality would throw humanity into the greatest degrees of darkness & light, thereby catapulting them into the awakening they agreed upon before inception took place. This duality was created by dividing each of the original 12 Creators. One of each pair would be on the earth plane, while the other would reside in the spiritual realm. The roots of humanity separated themselves, so their children could find themselves. The years of feeling incomplete, yearning and searching for their wholeness drove humanity to discover their own truth, strength and real power. Century after century, humanity began to find pieces of their truth as they found the courage to follow their Souls urgings, claim their voice and act through the wisdom within their heart. Each time a piece of humanity’s divine truth was discovered, the division between the original creators lessened. The children would unite their parents. This arrangement placed the responsibility for humanity’s growth and fulfillment of their prophecy completely in humanity’s own hands.

The rate at which the ascension would take place has always been up to humanity, not God. As for the 144,000 “Lightworkers,” they are the first descendants of the original 12 who agreed to assist the ascension process during the most critical junctures.

As mentioned in a previous article, during 2008-2009, the original 12 began to reunite; their earthly and heavenly counterparts began their reconnection. As this happened, the direction of energy this current reality was based upon, reversed. As the 12th hour pair united, they joined with the twosome at the 11th hour, as they continued to unite with the rest in a counter-clockwise motion. Each month consisted of another joining of the Core; until we reached the 1. The last pair that represents the 1st hour refused to join. The pair that represents the 1st hour is also the same energy who started humanity’s original division – Adam & Lilith. Humanity was still holding onto their deep grudges and misunderstandings that began long, long ago.  A stubborn reality that each one of us who walk this earth have been facing, as the last tendrils of rage toward injustice paired with arrogant aggression worked its way-out, through us.

The prophesied 12-21-2012 was not intended as a “date,” but rather, a moment. The 12 represents the sacred path of learning as One divided itself to create the course of a dualistic reality. 21 represents the return to our internal Oneness, and 2012 represents the reunion of the two circles or pairs of the original 12 Core Creators.

Where we are now

We have been waiting a long time, but in October, I received a very clear indication that the 1st hour’s stubborn ego was finally able to release its dueling past, and join the rest of the Core’s Reunion. After receiving the message, I watched and waited to see how long it would take to become evident within our physical reality. Now, in November, I am noticing a growing difference within myself, and everyone around me. My empathy, connection and understanding have grown tremendously toward… everyone! I am seeing this growth reflected & matched in most of my encounters. I have also witnessed a long and continually growing sense of excitement, harmony and abundance entering our reality, as I feel our destined future stream into our lives.

Keep in mind, everyone has free will. It is each individual’s choice if they wish to experience our evolving reality or continue to grasp the old, yet dying one.  However, the door for our destined reality of unity is swinging wide open.

For the remainder of this year, you will feel the need to fully resolve things. You will also feel a growing need to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch. Use this holiday season to let your loved ones know how important they are to you.

This is a wonderful time to just ”Be” and feel Creations Flow wash away angers past and fears resistance. Enjoy your growing ability to understand the people closest to you. Embrace your capacity to finally release all that has plagued your past. Expand your ability to feel the luxurious comfort that surrounds you as you accept the dreams you’ve been waiting for.

It truly is graduation time – enjoy the party!

Project Updates:

Re-Entering Eden CD Cover - Copy

I’ve been working feverishly to get “Re-Entering Eden’s” companion CD finished. I’m not quite there, but I do hope they will be ready in early December. All of the exercises within the book, plus additional journey’s and meditations will be part of this CD – you’re gonna love it!

The online classes are also in process, with the unusual starts and stops as the universe uses my occasional frustrations to push me to examine my own blocks 🙂

I am looking forward to gathering with my family this Thanksgiving. The holiday season is always the perfect time to go beyond our daily struggles to remember the good times of our past and appreciate the here and now, with our loved ones.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf


Purposeful You


By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Who are you? What are the values you hold most precious in your heart? What is your greatest hope for your life and for others?

As we age the answers to these questions becomes more important. The children who depended upon us grow up and begin lives of their own; many move far away. Also, family deaths, job losses or retirement add to the growing sense that we may not be needed.  When it seems like the people in our lives no longer depend upon us and we’ve reached our goals, we feel like we have nothing left to do or fix. However, this time is actually very special – it is an opportunity to embrace our Soul’s purpose. There are more reasons for our life than we thought; we are not just a partner, spouse, parent, caregiver, mentor, career or business person; we have something else to give to this world.

During our lifetime many of us don’t think about the deeper meaning or impact our choices have made or what they may reveal about our ultimate destiny. Our Soul has been orchestrating events and opportunities to prepare us for our purpose. Our life’s joys, challenges and sorrows cultivated our growing wisdom and mastery as we have grown and matured through the ups and downs along the road of our expanding lives’.  The most important accomplishments are the ones that build us – they’ve created a resilient, wise, compassionate and knowledgeable person.  

Our purpose goes beyond our individual goals; it is our contribution to the world. Our Souls purpose is connected to the Oneness of which we are part. The expression of our purpose within this physical life gives us the ultimate fulfillment as we make this world a better place for everyone.  

What’s your Purpose?

Your purpose will be something that is at the center of your heart. It will involve a form of creativity and expansion because it is your Souls imprint and abilities you are sharing with others.

This is something that comes naturally for you, but may not be obvious. Your purpose utilities the best of self – your best attributes and what you have learned in your lifespan. Your purpose contributes to something that is being changed, created or expanded. The times have changed and humanity is in need of compassion and reconnection with their authentic selves – as well as expanded or new ideas and innovative ways of solving the issues of the world and our personal lives.  

Here are some questions to ponder as you search within yourself: 

  • What things/work have you already done?
  • What is your educational background?
  • What are your gifts & talents?
  • How do you inspire others?
  • What inspires you?
  • What are your qualities?
  • What do you value?
  • What are your dreams?
  • What do you love?
  • What is your passion?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are your families’ challenges & how have you assisted them?
  • How do you help your employer’s or employee’s with unexpected problems?
  • How do you assist your friends?
  • What personal obstacles have you overcome & how did you do it?
  • Who are you?

The answers to these questions are elements to the path you’ve been creating toward your revealing purpose. You will experience a deep satisfaction as you embrace the evolving quality of your purpose as it grows with you.

For some, your purpose maybe something that others view as insignificant and unimportant; they would be wrong. Our mere existence in this challenging world adds to the experience, wisdom and knowledge of the whole. If you are here to comfort and inspire others – you are assisting the creation of a new foundation that will elevate our evolving world. No matter what your contribution, rest assured the world will be a better place when you claim your purpose.

This is a time to be bold and brave. Discover who you really are and what makes you happy, and then you will be well on your way to revealing your Purpose.

Blessings on your Journey ~