Carolyn has helped me with her meditation classes to begin the process of overcoming anxiety and to work on my self confidence issues. Her book has inspired me to read again. I can’t say enough about Carolyn what a beautiful soul she has. Her CD is amazing. I listen to it every night before I go to bed. It really helps me clear my mind and sleep well. Highly recommend the book and CD as well as classes. -Julie K., Lake in the Hills IL

“I have learned so much from Carolyn. I have more direction in my life and finally see me greater purpose. She is truly a gifted teacher and a wonderful counselor!” ~Lauren from Illinois

“I would recommend Carolyn Greenleaf to anyone who is ready and willing to make changes in their life. She’s very knowledgeable, patient, caring and extremely insightful. ~Donna from N.C.

“Thank you Carolyn for showing me a whole new way to see my life and solve my problems! I continue to grow my confidence and inner strength thanks to your teachings and coaching. You are my Guru!” ~Maggie from Illinois

“Wow! My experience with Carolyn Greenleafs Shamanic Journey class was amazing!I learned so much about myself and grew my curiosity to learn more! Thank you Carolyn!” ~Joan from Illinois

“Carolyn’s teachings and writings have inspired me to get out into the world and do things I never dreamed I could or would. My outlook on life has done a complete turnaround. In gratitude Jim”

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