The Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals

By Linda Epstein

Those of us who have animal companions as part of our family, are always desiring to
find ways to help our pets have a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life while living with us.

The Emotional Freedom Technique, founded by Gary Craig, is used worldwide to help
man and animal to achieve a healthy life. EFT is a simple, but effective method for
creating positive changes for animals who may suffer from phobias. EFT has helped
rescued animals recover from the emotional traumas, they may have suffered prior to
being rescued. Other issues that EFT can help: Behavioral issues, relieving anxiety,
emotional issues, fear and health issues.

EFT is not a replacement for qualified medical care, but it can be an important adjunct
to the animal’s healing protocol. EFT is not invasive and is a simple procedure of
tapping on certain points on the body. The beauty of this modality is, if an animal is not
inclined to be touched, a surrogate can be used and the technique can be accomplished
via distance.

Animals are similar to humans and store emotional information as memories throughout
their bodies. These memories are accumulated throughout their lives and stored in
their, “metaphorical database.” So when an animal has experiences, good or bad,
those experiences, along with the emotions are stored in that database.

For example: a puppy received rough handling at the hands of a male. There is an
imprint of the male and the emotions that the puppy felt when handled by the male. The
next time the puppy may encounter a male, his subconscious begins to go thru the
“database,” to see what stored memories there are, about males.

The puppy is then reminded about the rough handling and begins to feel threatened and
withdraws, barks, or whines as the male continues to approach him. Now, this is a
different male, but right now all the puppy is sensing from the subconscious is, “danger,

Physically, what is going on in the puppy’s body is energetic stagnation. When we have
energetic blockages, (negative emotions) it affects the physical body in a negative way.
EFT works to “tap” out those negative emotions and neutralize those negative emotions
that are in the metaphorical database.

During or after an EFT session, the animals will often go and lay down and rest
peacefully, or, it may take a while for the body to process the information before the
blockage is released.

Learning how to perform EFT, so you can apply it to your animal will help increase the
bond of love and understanding between the two of you, and give you the tools to help
your animal to achieve a life filled with love and harmony.

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