The Key to Every Solution lays Within the Problem


Every Sage, Master, Shaman or Kahuna will tell you the same thing; the source and solution to your personal issues lies within the self. When we stop running and turn around to face ourselves, we begin a new journey through a course correction. For a very long time, we have walked the same path as those around us, without question. We have also blamed others while denying responsibility for the choices we have made. These actions have disempowered us, as we became strangers to whom we really are. However, the moment we stop denying, is when we stop running. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we begin to open the door to our freedom and the answers we seek.

Have you ever looked at a mountain, or what appeared to be a scary or insurmountable situation, knowing you had to contend with this formidable beast? Perhaps you walked or ran away, only to be led back to the same situation again and again….until, you could no longer avoid it. So, you did it.  Step by step you figured it out; you learned how to navigate this new territory and your knowledge grew along the way. It wasn’t always pretty, but as long as you continued to pick yourself up and take one more step forward, it became easier and before you knew it, you reached your destination. Then you realized…you are stronger, smarter and much more capable than you first thought. In fact, you felt pretty darn good about yourself and….fearless.

We’ve all dealt with difficult situations as we accomplished various successes and grew as a result, but when it comes to facing ourselves….most run. But you know what? It’s the same process as the rest of our trials and triumphs, only this prize is sweeter, bigger and will leave you speechless. This is how we grow our confidence, release our fears and realize what we are really made of.

Begin to see your problems as solutions waiting to be seen and your brilliance ready to be noticed. You are a creative individual; all you need to do is uncover this exhilarating, wondrous aspect of yourself.

Discover the keys that will unlock the gift of you and allow solutions to surface:

  1. Seek who you are beneath the mask you hold for the world
  2. Trust your instincts above all others
  3. Be honest with yourself
  4. Believe in yourself
  5. Accept your magnificence
  6. Enjoy your life

If we take a break from our problems, turn off our minds and have fun, our genius surfaces. This approach allows us to take an objective view of a problem and release our resistance, giving the solutions an opportunity to reveal themselves. When we overreact and allow our emotions to take over we create barriers; we cannot see the obvious. For this reason, you will see a Shaman shift their attention to something lighthearted and joyous when grappling with one of life’s issues; they know this is how to feel the deeper truths within themselves and the rest of Creation.

Our Spirit dances in rhythm with the ever-expanding ideas, brilliance and nuances that express the dreams within our hearts. The only way we can realize this dream is through our authentic self; our undiluted inner truth, our Innocence who is the gatekeeper to the greatest and wisest part of who we are.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf

Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher & Author