The Time is Now! ~ June 2013


Greenleaf Happenings

Looks like we made it! May’s lineup of eclipses really shook things up – from our inward security, faith and doubts to the turbulent cosmic rumblings which created the openings for what is to come. Unity, new life, revived faith and the arrival of long awaited manifestations is finally here!

The need for reconnection and reconciliation will surface within our hearts as family becomes a priority once more and the desire to unite with friends and community are felt.  This will add to the energizing of our Soul’s purpose as we connect to a deeper level of our growing hearts (see my new article “Purposeful You”).

Renewal of hope and excitement is seeping under the edges of our protected dreams through the openings created from our resent eclipses. The result was a tremendous release from the bottle neck of residuals that resulted from old transmutations as we took a gigantic leap forward. Our timelines have also been changing as the gaps cease to exist – uniting as we feel our sense of wholeness emerging. This is the reason for much of our memory loss and confusion – the container of time is transforming into a closer version of our Soul’s reality, which exists within a space of “no time.” It is best felt through connecting to the “Now Moment,” where you feel yourself in the center of all happenings and possibilities; not in a linear sense of progression, but in a sense of completion and mastery, plus mystery & excitement within the evolution we find ourselves in.

The second half of this year will bring more evidence of the future we have envisioned for so long. More of what we need is arriving due to the increase of vibrational frequency anchored into this earth plane through the acceptance and reconnection to our Divine nature.

This is an exciting time as our long awaited wishes and dreams are coming back to life through new connections and revitalization’s of what we thought was broke or lost. Let’s unite in gratitude for the growth we accomplished and the future we share.

Abundant blessings ~

Carolyn M. Greenleaf