The Trinity of You

As we move forward, we are still experiencing some resistance and avoidance of something spectacular happening within us. Many are dealing with emotional turmoil bubbling around the edges of old memories surfacing. Feelings of anger, betrayal and loneliness still linger in the background of our minds and tap on the armor around our hearts.

In this class, we will discuss the Masculine and Feminine aspects of self – their importance, functions and energetic components that create or block our abundance and balance. We will also utilize the information about the Inner Child, which is the unifying component. You will discover what happens when this union or Trinity takes place.


  • Masculine & Feminine aspects of self
  • Inner Child
  • God & Goddess aspects of self
  • Divine Child

You will also experience several exercises, including shamanic journeys to understand these aspects of self and to begin the process of healing and uniting the polarizing energies within.

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