Transforming our Past

Nature-FantasyTree1 (2)12,000 years ago, humanity embarked upon their last cycle within the final stage of this dualistic reality. This has been the last curtain call before the coming Dawn…

Whether conscious of it or not – you are the bearers of Light who are uniting what has been separated. Each one of you has had an internal drive to facilitate healing within any number of situations. Whether as a peace maker within your family, city or nation; or simply recognizing a higher truth hidden within the turmoil you’ve witnessed. Many have dedicated their lives to living, teaching or providing holistic practices that nourish rather than diminish, unite rather than separate and seek the Divine truth through the Light hidden within the shadows of fear.

Each challenge you have faced and overcome has united a fragmented aspect of the past and built a bridge into our future. Even the trials where you thought you failed received enormous healing, because you brought your attention to them; because the Light within you touches all in your path. You did not need to be conscious of the work your Soul chose to do, yet somehow you felt it. Your Soul’s Light has reached the roots of the ignorance and separation that caused a history of pain and turmoil. In addition, your Light has summoned the Divine Truth that lay hidden beneath the ego’s illusion of separation.  

For those who chose to be conscious of your Soul’s mighty work, you’ve been awed instead of dismayed, encouraged rather than hurt, and moved by the powerful transitions taking place. You may also see the turmoil of our Earth as the magnificent power of the Goddess awakening and transforming humanities past. You also feel the uniting of heaven and earth, past, present and future as the God/Goddess within yourselves fuses and ignites your remembrance.  We are surrounded by Creations embrace and loving Flow.

Ride the Wave

One of the difficulties many of us deal with is staying on the wave within the Flow. The only way to feel Creations joyous Flow is to surrender our fears…completely. As we move closer and closer to our Soul’s embodiment, all that is not our Divine Truth surfaces for release. We must recognize this process of transformation so we can release our ego’s automatic response of gripping and attaching itself to the surfacing past. The Universe fully supports us. The embrace of our Soul Families is felt when we let go of what we fear. The path has been laid, the reunification assured and peace is guaranteed.

While we are in the mist of transformation, we experience various stages of disconnecting from what was, yet not connected to what IS…

Some of you may be experiencing false starts. What felt absolutely right one day, may feel completely off the next, with fleeting moments of “what did I do?” in between these shifts. Many endings are also experienced, such as friendships leaving as your paths begin to veer in different directions. You may also encounter an array of partnerships that no longer fit, as well a variety of other losses or sense of disconnection.

This is to be expected. We are unplugging from an old reality, yet not quite ready to connect to our new. The energy that has supported this dualistic sojourn is in the final stages of disbanding. As this happens, fear surfaces. Deep longings and sorrow rise from our bodies, triggering more uncertainty, which the ego battles. The ego aspect of ourselves does not understand what’s happening, nor can it.  Our ego’s only sense of reality is based upon what has already happened…the past. However, as time is changing, the past is transforming, along with everything created through our egos misinforms. This is the moment when we take a leap of faith. It is time to jump into a space we can’t quite see with our eyes, yet can only be eased by connecting to our Innocence and knowing of our Soul.

This is a time of transformation through death of the old in order to birth a new, expanded and conscious version of what has past and what is now possible. However, what the ego defines as death, our Soul identifies as restructuring or conversion. As we witness more of what appears as loss in our lives, we must prepare for the new that is about to enter. 

If you are not able to feel the birthing process behind what you perceive as losses, bring your attention into your heart space. Your heart is the doorway to your Soul, where you can access and feel the joy of what is and what will be.

Transformation Exercise:

This exercise can assist you when fears or doubts persist, preventing the transformation process from moving through you in a smoother manner…

Take 3 deep breaths; in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Close your eyes and open the door to your imagination.

See a path lined with beautiful flowers that grow in brilliance as you walk closer and closer into the magical space of your heart.

Begin to see a gate opening upon your arrival as a warm Light surrounds you. Allow your senses to embrace the sparkling, joyous Light that continues to grow, embracing you and all who now stand with you.

Release all walls, doubts and fears within yourself as they fall away and turn into more Light.

Feel your heart open and expand so you may feel the fullness of this experience.

Next, begin to feel golden extensions of your Soul’s essence and Light that are connected to your Soul Family who now surrounds you. Each member of your Family is now in their Divine Truth as they witness your Soul’s earthly work with enormous gratitude, love and appreciation. All you have encountered and endured has benefited not only your Soul Family, but all of Creation.

You are the Gift of Creation, you are the Way, and you are Heaven and Earths DeLight. Remember this truth as you walk through your day and enter your night. You have never been alone, but surrounded by your Divine Family who rejoice in the transformations taking place and the bridge you have created, uniting all that was once separated.

From this position, you are able to feel the benefits from the transformations you have encountered and the victorious rebirth from the successful reunification’s and healing.  You may also begin to sense the new world your Soul has chosen and how your life’s path contributed to the evolution of this New World and your Soul Family who reside with you there.

When you are ready take 3 deep breaths, as you bring your attention back into your entire body and into the room. Open your eyes.

Remember the truths you have felt during this inward journey so you may continue to expand upon them as you move forward in your physical life.

I wish for each of you to feel the abundant blessings that are upon you.

~Carolyn M Greenleaf