Welcome to a New World!

Welcome to a New World!

Many are wondering what happened since the passing of 12/21/12. We still exist and will always do so, however….we have changed and will continue to change forever more.

We are not standing in the same world we once knew. The shift did happen and continues to reveal all we have been seeking. We are in new territory now, but our eyes are still seeing the remnants of our old world. We are now in a safe space ready to move onto the next steps of our evolutionary process. This space could be likened to Ellis Island; a place where many individuals and families enter a new nation and receive assistance with their transition before they begin their next steps with the choices now available.

We have entered an exciting and accelerated stage of transformation as we morph into our Soul’s identity, replacing the old ego personality we once were. This means we will be limitless and fearless as we become the Knowing Masters of the Universe with the accumulated Wisdom since the moment of our creation; millions or billions of years for many. As this happens, we will witness our world responding and collaborating to the joyous changes we are making.

One of the major changes you will begin to realize is the release of “time.” Structured ways of doing things will give way to our Soul’s innate sense of flowing and living in the “now moment.” As our Soul’s continue to step forward and transform our ego’s limiting ways, we will see, feel and experience our new world and joyous realities. It is happening and it’s glorious!

Everything you have dreamed and asked for is entering your life now. You are the only one who controls the timing of these wonderful wishes that are happening. As you allow yourself to feel the happy dance of your Soul and your inherent tendency to join Creations magical Flow, your gifts will join you.

As your adventure continues to unfold and your hearts expand to feel the happenings of your Soul and the Universe, you will feel your sense of Oneness. You will begin to recognize your connections to everything and everyone you encounter as a familiar sense and warmth that fills your heart and moves through your entire body. This will also ignite rejuvenations not only in your bodies, but in every area of your lives.

It’s important that you take care of your needs. This includes time to get to know the real you that is stepping forward. You will be astonished when you begin to see and know the greater truth of who you are as you view yourself and your life through the eyes of your Soul. You are the Jewels of Creation and each one of you are needed right now so the Universe can Sparkle and Shine with the new insights and wisdom you have cultivated during your time in the past you’ve experienced.

So many new adventures await, as you create the doors that will open them. Your imagination is the gateway that births new possibilities into being. Your joy is what brings life to your dreams and your belief is what manifests the door and new world waiting for your embrace.

Abundant Blessings on your Wondrous Journey’s,

Carolyn Greenleaf

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      1. Julie Wright

        We are reunited in this new world with our past life link I am happy to be walking with you on Sacred new ground Namaste Julie

        1. Carolyn Greenleaf

          I am so happy to see you here Julie & honored to walk this path with you! xox ~Carolyn

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