Who are You? Class

Class -Who are You

During these times of change and turmoil, many are questioning the direction of their lives. This class is designed to help you on your Soul-searching quest. Carolyn will teach you how to start looking at the clues your Soul has placed in your life, beginning with your entrance here…your name. The energy within your name gives you clues as to who you are; not just as a physical being, but also…your Souls identity and your main purpose in this physical life.

Your names hold encoded information that will begin to unlock the mystery, wonder and beauty of yourself. You will learn how to tap into this knowledge through a variety of means, including basic numerology, Cabala, understanding the direction of Creations flow and how to tune into other messages within your name. We will work with first names, then middle and last names if time permits.

The closer we look into the energy of our names, the more we understand ourselves.

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