Who you Are in Numbers Reading

This numeric report provides information that can enhance your journey of discovery. The date of your birth along with your birth name and name changes sheds light on many aspects of the self, including areas of difficulty and challenge, as well as your innate strengths and talents.

This concise report is crafted with enhanced and expanded definitions along with meanings about each aspect of this report. Reports are approximately 30 pages in length.

Included in your report:

Life/Birth Path, Birth Day, Destiny/Expression, Minor Destiny/Expression, Soul/Heart Desire, Minor Soul/Heart Desire, Personality, Minor personality, Rational Thought Number, Planes of expression, Balance number, Karmic Lessons & Karmic Debt numbers, Maturity, Hidden Passion, Subconscious Confidence or Subconscious Self, Life Path-Destiny Bridge Number, Heart’s Desire – Personality Bridge, Cornerstone Letter, First Vowel, Capstone Letter, Life Path/Expression Bridge, Heart’s Desire / Personality Bridge

$140 for report and 30 minute reading/session.

Report must be ordered at least 3 days in advance of appointment.

Email Carolyn at carolyn@greenleafhealing.com. Include your full name as it was printed on your birth certificate and date, time and location of birth. Also include when you are available for the session so a date and time is set. The report will be generated after payment is received.

$140 Report and 30 min.