Wholeness Program

  • Discover& heal aspects of self
  • Transform your life
  • Unite your inner/spirit & outer/physical worlds



                   Reclaiming Your Wholeness                        

Rediscover & heal your separated and denied aspects of self: Soul/Spirit, Inner Child, Shadow, Ego, Masculine &Feminine

Soul Fusion

Learn to access & incorporate your Souls knowledge & Essence

Sacred Nature, Sacred You

Awaken & experience the transformative power you share with Nature


Classes & Books:

Self Discovery

Who are You? (C)

What’s in a Name? (C)

Symbols from your Soul (C)

Listening to your Body Wisdom (C)

Re-Entering Eden (B)

Oneness & Unity Consciousness (B)


Facing Your Fears (C)

Releasing unhealthy Connections (C)

The Art of Transformation (B)

Karmic Clearing & Family Healing (B)

Your Creative Power

Evolving Cycles: Transform past & birth future (C)

Universal Laws of Creation (C)

Creating an Abundant Life (C)

Opening Your Gifts (C)

(C) = Class   (B) = Book

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