Winter Solstice 2015 ~ Step into the Union of Light



Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at 04:49 UTC (Universal coordinated time)

Monday, December 21, 2015 at 10:49 PM CST

This solstice is extra special this year, as we are ever closer to our Hearts dreams within Earth’s fifth dimensional position. As our Sun reaches the southernmost point of our planet, ready to move northward once again, we have an opportunity to Be within the Moment where time stands still. This is an opportunity to turn the page and step forward into the Light of our Soul’s greater destiny.  This is a moment of rebirth as our Sun begins to turn Her illumination to guide us forward.

Symbolically, each winter solstice represents the Goddess within who gives birth to the Divine child, or the new solar year. The Divine Child is each one of us. We represent the Light of Creation; it is we who carries this Divine Brilliance. If we choose to embody this Divine Child and walk with the Goddess, this union gifts our lives and our world with rich, abundant experiences and unending joy.

In other words, the winter solstice provides a moment of spiritual union. This union aligns the worlds of eternity and humanity, providing a channel for the expansion of our Spirits Light to flow through us and wipe away the Shadows of our past. This expansion of Light is what guides our way forward into a new day with renewed life and innumerable possibilities.

During your Solstice Moment, allow yourself to step into the New Sun’s Light and release the residuals of your past, so you may see the new day form in front of your eyes. It is time to except the Goddess within with the heart of the Divine Child of which you are. It is time to discover these precious parts of self again.  You are all of it – embrace it, revel in it, love it. Experience your new day!

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf