The power to change is within you . . .

The answers you seek are within. The realization of these answers is what I am here to help you find…

Carolyn Greenleaf will help you see beyond the limitations of the past and teach you how to reconnect to your Soul’s gifts, wisdom, joy, unlimited power and potential.

All things are the result of our relationship with self. When we learn to accept all aspects of which we are as important and precious gems, we become the masterpiece Creation intended us to be.

It is our mission to heal the mind, body, spirit connection so you may experience the wholeness of which you truly are.

You are invited to explore this site’s informational and inspiring articles, helpful products and books and of course the immeasurable services we provide. Abundant Blessings!

Humility ~ Wisdoms Grace

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“While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God’s creation.” ~Maya Angelou

The incomparable Maya Angelou shared much wisdom and touched many hearts during her life. Through her words, Mayas voice remains a gracious instrument that plucks the strings of truth within our hearts and opens the door into the wisdom of our Soul. It is up to us to humbly accept these teachings from women and men like Maya who create a bridge toward the acceptance and expansion of the wisdom and power held within ourselves…Continue Reading

July 2014 Greenleaf Happenings

Coming Home

Well, it’s finally happening, I’m moving back into my home. Six months after a fire in my neighbors attached town-home forced me out – I’m comin’ home…again. Yet this time, everything has changed. The energy in my home and my life has completely shifted. A needed release of the past and faith in the future brought me into an entirely new space….

Each one of you has had the opportunity to experience a life altering event in your lives, several for most of you. Whether these events were through positive or negative means – they changed your life forever….Continue Reading


Re-Entering Eden Companion CD is finally ready!

Eden CD Cover (4-24-14)

This special CD has been in the works for several months, and now I am happy to announce…it’s ready!!!

This companion CD is a blend of exercises, guided journeys and meditations to enhance the teachings of the book “Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth,” while providing assistance along your journey toward wholeness as you come home to your truth. For more information, click this link.


 Inspirations By Carolyn M Greenleaf


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You possess many qualities; part of your journey is to discover them. When you look beyond the surface you will see that each aspect of who you are not only compliments one another, but is an ally toward your deepest goals. Explore the possibilities within your own enchanted mystery. ~Carolyn M. Greenleaf



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      Thank you Julie. I am grateful for your beautiful Souls ray of Light that illuminate our Journey. ~Carolyn


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